NFL nearing new deal with DirecTV for NFL Sunday Ticket

Earlier this year we heard rumblings that the NFL and DirecTV were going to be ending their partnership that has been in existence since the early 90s. With the contract for DirecTV to exclusively air every single NFL game each Sunday expiring after next season, there needs to be a deal done sometime soon to make sure there’s no hiccup in the partnership or that another provider like Netflix comes along and steals the package away.

According to Variety though, it appears the NFL and DirecTV are close on a deal that will keep Sunday Ticket on the satellite provider’s menu of options for subscribers.

“We’ve had very, very constructive conversations with the NFL, but it’s complex,” DirecTV CEO Michael White said, via Variety. “I’m very optimistic we will get an exclusive deal done on NFL Sunday Ticket.”

There isn’t a deal done yet, so things could still get hairy. But from the sounds of it, the NFL and DirecTV are going to stay partners for the foreseeable future. There’ s no official numbers on the deal yet, so we don’t know the price or the length of the deal being reported but it does end the idea of someone like Netflix or YouTube totally changing the game and acquiring NFL game rights — at least for the time being.

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