Professor X fires Cyclops from the X-Men (Video)

Comedian Pete Holmes’ new show on TBS is off to an exciting start. He has become known for his interesting and unusual interviews with athletes but he has another segment he does that is pretty entertaining.

The segment is called the “Ex-Men.” In this segment, Holmes plays Professor X and he calls in individuals from the team and fires them on an individual basis. Basically, he is humorously highlighting plot holes, or the super hero’s lack of actual powers in some instances, as he fires them. Hence the title “Ex-Men.”

The first one I saw was when he fired Wolverine and it was hilarious. Since I’ve been addicted to this segment. In the latest edition, Professor X calls Cyclops into his office. While I think the Wolverine episode is hands the best, I think this one has a strong case for a close second.

Professor X starts with asking if he showers with his sunglasses on, his “laser beam controlling sun glasses.” From there it only gets funnier.

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