FX eyeing Sons of Anarchy prequel series that could focus on younger Clay, Gemma and John Teller


This past Tuesday saw the season six finale of Sons of Anarchy and fans are still trying to make sense of things. But the series is being set up for what will be the final season next year and knowing that the end is sooner than we thought is something fans are fretting about.

But before you go all Gemma with a cooking fork on someone over the idea of not having Sons of Anarchy in your life, the show isn’t going away completely. Series creator Kurt Sutter first hinted at a prequel series while being interviewed by Howard Stern earlier this month and then dug deeper into his plans to continue the series with The Hollywood Reporter to coincide with the season six finale.

According to Sutter, FX is interested in his idea of a Sons of Anarchy prequel series that could end up being a miniseries that takes us back to the days of John Teller and his feuds with Gemma and a younger Clay Morrow.

I brought the concept of the first nine to them very early on, a couple seasons in. They were intrigued by the idea. Now that FX has expanded and they’re looking at doing standalone seasons and miniseries, I think it’s a probably a lot more viable than it was a few years ago. I love the idea of doing the origin story, even if it’s a stand-alone 12-episode thing. I love the idea of doing a period piece. It definitely would have different energy, it would be a different kind of show, but I think the real fans would plug into it. We would probably want to rest the mythology for a season or two, meaning that I don’t think we would end Sonsand begin the prequel. I think we would let it breathe for a couple years.

Given how much fans love the show and how insanely popular it is in the ratings game, it’s not a surprise that FX would be open to having a Sons of Anarchy prequel miniseries that could possibly spinoff into a series of its own. Right now all that is planned is a miniseries and even that isn’t a sure thing.

But there’s a lot to the mythos of Sons of Anarchy and even with the series ending next year, we don’t seem to be to the bottom of the story just yet.

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