Mark Boone Junior, Charlie Hunnam, and Tommy Flanagan as Bobby Elvis, Jax Teller, and Chilbs Telford in Season 6 Episode 13 of "Sons of Anarchy" entitled "A Mother's Work." Photo Credit: FX

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Finale Brings in Record Ratings

This week’s Season 6 Finale of the hit FX original series Sons of Anarchy has posted some record breaking numbers.

According to E! Online, the original telecast of the episode was watched by about 5.2 million people. When you add in the number of people who watched the show’s encore presentation, that number rises to about 6.4 million viewers. This means that the episode, entitled ‘A Mother’s Work’ is now the highest rated finale in the show’s six season run, sticking a fork in the competition. (Too soon?)

Another record for the episode is in the key 18-49 demographic. Sons of Anarchy brought in 3.5 million viewers, 4.3 when the encore airing is added in. This is yet another record when it comes to the show’s season finales.

These numbers are not exactly surprising. Sons of Anarchy has consistently produced viewers all season long. According to the report, the show averaged 7.3 million viewers making Season 6 the highest rated season ever.

After the devastating end to the season, which resulted in the death of an original cast member, one could stand to assume that the Season Premiere of the seventh, and final, season for the hit series will shatter these records. Right now, everyone is speculating how the show’s main character Jax Teller, played in the series by Charlie Hunnam will react to the series of events that played out in the final moments of the finale.

There are so many ways that this can go at this point. Unfortunately for us, the only one who truly knows where this is headed is show creator Kurt Sutter. On the bright side, Sutter has never disappointed us in the past, so there is no reason to believe that he would start now.

Now the long and arduous wait until the next season starts. However, this does give fans like us ample time to discuss what happened this season and theory craft what is going to happen next.

Sons of Anarchy will return in late 2014 on FX.

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  • Alex Miller

    What an ending! I kinda seen the Jemma thing coming but never intisapated the sher brutality of the act, which was a mistake because you should never underestimate the brutal but brilliant mind of Kurt Sutter.

  • Larry Viviano

    The director sucks! Tara’s welfare was at the heart of the entire series and my reason to watch.Her beauty and welfare was the heart of the entire series. I’ll never watch another episode!

  • christy bridges

    AtI cant believe they killed tara off it really makes me mad gemma needs to be killed off they need to bring tara back jax an tara loved each other and they are a family thats what makes the show bring tara back bring tara back

  • christy bridges

    Kurt sutter disappointed me