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College football gamer applies for North Dakota coaching job

There’s a huge difference between those who play video games and those who are “gamers”.

Gamers are those hardcore players who make it their mission to dominate almost every video game and opponent who crosses their path. Gaming has even became a serious “sport” as tournaments have been established across the globe.

A video game that has always been a game for serious gamers has been both NCAA Football and Madden. Most of us grew up with both of these video games. Dating back to the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis on up to the Playstation and X-Box.

If you understand the game more than others, you can almost run through anybody no matter what team you use.

Now this is something I’ve never actually heard of, but according to CBS Sports, there’s a man named Christopher McComas who actually applied for the vacant head coaching job for the University of North Dakota.

How did he approach the University of North Dakota? He used his gaming skills. He let the school know how well he has done in both NCAA and Madden in his years and which teams he has won the most with.

McComas even mentions how he had top recruiting classes and mentions how Alabama head coach Nick Saban is mediocre compared to him. Which is awesome.

I’m not sure if he’ll get the job, but he made a solid case for himself.

He has to be doing something right if a third string quarterback left his school early to become a first round draft pick in the NFL.

The team he plans on coaching for finished the year with a record of 3-8.

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