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Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke cast as Sarah Connor in Terminator 5

Last week word came down that the role of Sarah Connor in the new Terminator reboot was down to Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke and Short Term 12 star Brie Larson. But after some time to deliberate, the producers on the movie have made a casting decision and it’s a move that a lot of people will be interested in.

According to Deadline, Emilia Clarke has won the coveted role of Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genesis. 

It’s official. Emilia Clarke will play Sarah Connor in the Terminator reboot, re-teaming with director Alan Taylor, who has worked with Clarke in the HBO series Game Of Thrones.

Clarke is the second big name to join the cast as Jason Clarke (no relation) is in talks to star as Sarah Connor’s son John Connor. Now if you’re confused by an actress younger than Jason Clarke being cast as his mother in the film, the storyline apparently involves some wicked time travel plot points that will serve to reboot the series while continuing the one we’ve seen grow over four films.

Winning the role of Sarah Connor is a huge break for Clarke who is looking for that other big role to match Game of Thrones. It’s a high profile role that will help the actress transition over into the world of film and will likely open a slew of new doors for her outside of the hit HBO show. 

Terminator: Genesis is due out in theaters in July 2015.

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