Family Guy brings Brian Griffin back in Christmas episode


When the hit FOX show killed off one of it’s main characters in the family dog Brian Griffin, fans literally could not take it. Fans immediately went into denial and looked for any hint of the character coming back, despite the fact that producers said the character was gone and even replaced him with a brand new character.

Everything about the decision was read into, from the fact that Stewie can build a time machine, to the deal for Tony Sirico’s character Vinny rumored for just six episodes. The most looked into aspect of the move was the fact that Brian Griffin’s name was included in the cast sheet for the Christmas episode that aired tonight. When Brian’s name was mysteriously taken off tonight’s episode, it caused even more commotion as fans began to claim that FOX was trying to cover up the fact that the dog was coming back.

Tonight’s episode no doubt revolved around Brian’s death but the question was would he actually come back or would Stewie’s wishes not be answered? One question we had, no matter if Brian came back or not, was in what capacity would he return? It could be a Christmas miracle and he could be brought back to life, but it could be a Christmas ghost as well.

When the episode finally came, we discovered that Brian was indeed brought back to life and saved from death as Stewie found a way to steal his time machine pad from a version of himself he sent into the future in an earlier episode.

So in the end, Brian Griffin was dead for only an episode and has officially been brought back despite the fact that fans threw a giant fit about the character getting killed. Brian Griffin is back from the dead though, and fans have gotten what they wanted all along — an animated Christmas miracle.

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  • tito

    This sucks like the new dog. Brian sucks.

    • tito sucks

      No just no

    • Andrew

      Oh you must be the Squirrel that kicked the dying Brian and said “That guy sucked!”

  • tito sucks

    Like if ur a brian fan

  • tito sucks

    Tito y u be hatin like dem

    • Gregg Poole

      cause Brian’s dick’s bigger than his

  • tito sucks

    Like if trolololololololol

  • osssmurrrph


  • Victor E. Medley

    The lesson should be mostly to the big corporations! LISTEN TO YOUR FANS/ CONSUMERS!

  • tori

    I feel this article was very biased. Like the writer wasn’t pleased with the returned but rather annoyed. Just a thought, I’m glad family guy will continue on. Can’t wait to see all these episodes! Work has gotten me behind. -_-

  • Marvin P.

    This REALLY annoyed me! I mean, most writers know you don’t f*ck with the viewers like that. Have an entire episode dedicated to Brian’s death that they had been teasing since Spring, just to go “Whoops! Gotcha! Ha ha ha!” What’s worse is, they didn’t bring him back in response to fan outrage. Episodes are made months in advance. They did this solely to f*ck with people. It’s a Deus Ex Machina, and people REALLY hate those!

    I hate to sound like a whiny Comic Book Guy here, but they really left a sour taste in my mouth with that. I mean, out of the two characters that could’ve been killed, killing off Meg would’ve made more sense (they even could’ve added in a subplot about her going to Heaven and being beautiful and hot and the family and town finally giving her the respect she deserved after life), but that would’ve meant no Mila Kunis. So of course, fans were upset when Brian died. Upset, yes, but willing to take it.

    So to do that, and then go “Gotcha!” is just all kinds of f*cked up to viewers. Especially considering Family Guy isn’t exactly a new show. It’s pretty easy to quit watching permanently, at this point. It’s just barely staying fresh.

    The other thing I hated about this episode was the “Home Alone” joke they did where they POINT BLANK shot the kid with a gun in the head. I mean, I can take just about any offensive humor they dish out, including the constant rape jokes with Quagmire, but point blank shooting a kid at 9pm on a Sunday night on a show where obviously some viewers under 16 are going to be watching I thought was going WAY over the line. Especially considering how people react to stuff like Sandy Hook. Its probably the first time I ever felt uncomfortable watching something on Family Guy.

    There’s a trope about being able to get away with the most extreme stuff if none of it can be done in real life or is realistic. For example, Stewie could disintergrate a thousand kids with a ray gun because ray guns aren’t real. However, having the two Home Alone burglars point blank shoot a little kid in the head with a gun is way too realistic, which puts it over the line and makes it very offensive. So that, combined with the other F.U. of the night makes me really question whether or not I’d even want to watch Family Guy anymore.

    By the way, the writer of that episode is probably a real a-hole, but the one who is really to blame is the FCC jackass that let that air on TV. Especially considering how scrutinized the FCC is over the most minor of sexual content, and how passive they are with extreme violence, like f*cking SHOOTING A LITTLE KID POINT BLANK IN THE HEAD WITH A GUN and watching his body flop down a flight of steps.

    Sorry for ranting like this, but I needed to let my frustrations out somewhere. This was literally the worst episode they’ve ever aired. Two major offenses, in one night.

    • wombatkidd

      It’s not Deus Ex machina. Deus Ex Machina is something that arises out of nowhere and there was no reason to assume it existed before.

      This arises naturally from the story they told, and was set up. They had a cut away with hi going to the future to buy a toy early in an earlier episode, the Brian got killed with no way to bring him back because the Time machine was destroyed, then Stewie met the past version of him that was set up before. It’s not Deus Ex Machina, it’s planting and payoff.

      • Marvin P.

        Okay. Fair enough. Its just not that good of a Chekovs Gun, in my opinion, then.

        My main point is, fans don’t usually like it when you screw with their emotions like that, just to go “gotcha” on them weeks later. Its kind of a giant middle finger to the audience. I wasn’t one of them, but I know people were emotional when Brian died.

        And like I said, Seth McFarlane’s “explanation” to “loving the people you have in your life” was bullshit. Because he just undid the supposed “lesson” he was trying to teach, to begin with.

        • Claudom

          I’m a fan, I’m used to this show being non PC and not catering to crybabies. I loved what they did and would continue to watch it.

    • mash107

      Here’s a novel idea–If it offends you…. don’t watch it?

      The FCC shouldn’t infringe on first amendment rights because one outlier is offended over something. There’s a channel up button and a channel down button on your remote. Those do function, right? And if you’re not with your child while watching.. there’s parental filters you can set.

      People like you are why we have 6-year olds getting expelled from school for kissing a girl he likes on the cheek. Over the top fascism.

      • Justin Graziano

        Spot on.

    • Jimmy Dorsemond

      No, the worst episode they ever aired was the one that aired before this one.

  • Laurie Pinky Davis

    I don’t understand the first line of the last paragraph of this article…”so in the end, Brian Griffin was dead for only an episode and has been officially brought back despite the fact that fans threw a giant fit about the character getting killed.” He’s brought back DESPITE the fact that fans threw a giant fit…?!? That makes no sense. Maybe “because of the fact” or “one reason being the fact”…that fans threw a giant fit…RIIIIGHT?? Is it me?? Could be, I’m not always the sharpest tool in the shed but in this case I think “DESPITE” isn’t the word the writer should have used. I dunno, sorry, thanx for listening!! ;)