NBA Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets will trade Jeremy Lin of someone wants him

Dec 13, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin (7) drives in against Golden State Warriors point guard Toney Douglas (0) during the first quarter at Oracle Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets are trying to become a force to be reckoned with in the Western Conference and one of the ways they might try to do that is addition by subtraction. We all know about the Omer Asik trade rumors but he’s not the only overpaid Rockets player that Houston is trying to dump. According to Alan Hahn on ESPN Radio, several NBA general managers believe that if the Rockets can find a suitor and a deal, they’ll move point guard Jeremy Lin.

It seems like ages ago that Lin-sanity dominated the NBA and looked to be the next big thing. Heck, even the Harvard basketball team got recognition thanks to Lin’s popularity in New York, but all of that has died down significantly and Lin is yet another example of the new NBA CBA not really meaning anything to owners willing to hand out awful contracts and mismanage their money.

Lin was signed to an obscene offer sheet back in the 2012 offseason, one which Houston made so high that the cash strapped New York Knicks would never be able to match. But Lin hasn’t brought the Lin-sanity to Houston and the Rockets are looking to move him.

It should come as no surprise to no one that the Rockets, a year removed from handing them bad contracts, are looking move both Lin and Asik. The poison pill year in Asik’s contract that pried him away from the Chicago Bulls is now something working against the Rockets in trade talks. Lin seems like he’d be able to move to a team looking for a point guard and the Rockets plan looks to be moving Asik and Lin’s contract, taking on an expiring one and then offering a max deal in the offseason to someone.

Given Houston’s blunders with Asik and Lin, the max deal will probably go to the wrong person.

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  • hidden_agenda714

    Obscene contract? WTF are you smoking? Carmello has an obscene contract. And look at their record.

    Jeremy Lin when given the opportunity has scored 20+ for the Rockets. They have somehow decided to replace him with Beverly who is not even half of what Lin is. lol

    I hope Rockets does trade Lin since all they’re doing is benching him.

    Houston w/o Lin is a one-on-one ISO playing team. It may work now, but come playoff time, good luck Houston!

    • Cardfather

      Well said.

      • Pete Roces

        Lin should leave as soon as possible. Rockets won’t go anywhere come playoff time. Championship? haha! A bunch of selfish Iso player with zero knowledge of team play under the coaching of retards. What a joke?

        • Jack Wang

          Plus they have the worst coach in the NBA.

          • Kreigh Hook

            Jason Kidd.

  • ny

    Both asik and lin played key roles in last years playoff push. But with with the addition of howard these guys have been pushed to the bench. Lin has been turned into a sg catch and shoot off the bench player. The one big game lin had this year was without harden. In that game against phi Lin scored 34 and had 12 assist. I hope these guys get traded to the east and get starting jobs. If they got traded to boston for rondo, would they be better then their current record of 7-15? Even a spot in the playoffs?

    • Houstonrocketfan

      Since both Harden and Jeremy need to drive the ball in the court, it looks like it is better off to trade Jeremy to other team and give him an opportunity to develop as a great NBA player. I believe LAL will be better for him. Nash will give him the good experience to be a great PG.

  • Pete Roces

    How can Lin bring Linsanity to Houston if Coach, management won’t allow him to do so by limiting his minutes and not let him play as PG, worst Lin can’t even touch the ball when he’s on court, Nobody want’t to pass to him the ball, what kind of sick mentality these Rocs coaching clowns have? Without support from team mates and those clowns at the sideline, even Lbron can’t play his brand of basketball.

    • Chinadoll

      LeBron carried Cleveland by himself for 7 years,

    • Chinadoll

      Brand of basketball? do you mean Nike? Well anyway LeBron is a leader, his game is the perfect compliment to anybody in the league, considering how complete his game is right now. His style of play has been shown on court for over 10 years

  • fvgjh

    Wow. This is one of the worst articles about sports that I have ever read, and boy have I read a lot of them.

  • khyberjones

    Trading Lin would be a big mistake for Houston. However, they don’t seem to value his skills or contributions. In the 9 games since Lin was injured, Beverley has scored in double figures 3 times, has shot over 40% from the field once, is shooting less than 30% from the 3 pt line, has averaged more fouls than assists and has never outscored or out-assisted his PG counterparts. He has also not been an effective defensive ‘stopper’ against Tony Parker, Eric Bledsoe, Isaiah Thomas or Trey Burke. I hope Lin can find a way out of there to a team that will utilize his skills.

  • eddie1234

    Jeremy lin should get out of Houston ASAP, before the owner knows that Mcfail needs to be traded when it comes the playoff time. Last time they let Lin go, they had to pay $25M to get him back. This time they let him go and Linsanity will take off again. How much do you think they will pay to get him back – LOL!

  • B P

    Seriously? How much credibility does a writer have when they have a typo in the headline? Completely laughable that you cannot spell “if”

  • Neil Yarumian

    IF* not of

  • Jayson

    So how much would a pg that averages 14 ppg is supposed to get paid? Maybe look up the contracts in the NBA before labeling this “bad”. Nevermind that lin was averaging near 20 points a game while beverly was out but I supposed that’s “bad” too since we all know lin is overpaid. Sick of these articles stating how someone is overpaid with no reason to back up how theyre overpaid. You want overpaid? How about javale mcgee, josh childress, hedo turkoglu, amare, and even the fat pg that the knicks decided was the better one felton, the list goes on and on.

    Anyhow, please trade lin out of houston so he can torch them and mcfail when he plays them. I’d pay to watch that. Houston will never win anything with their Harmelo West.

    • bling

      lin wasnt the one who asked for whatever millions he’s offered, thats rockets stupid management fault. dont blame Lin for the money he’s getting now.

      Lin would be stupid if he didnt take it !

  • falcoroy

    the author obviously dont know basketball… BALLS to you “Josh” !!!

  • a z

    This is a very stupid article. The Rockets want to trade Asik because of Howard, and they want to trade Lin because of Harden. It has nothing to do with their contracts. Do you think without Howard and Harden, the Rocket would want to trade Asik and Lin. Don’t be so stupid.

  • setrue

    Josh are you Stephen A$$ Smith brother from another mother? Your basketball I.Q. is very low….your opinions about Lin have no basis in facts. Real basketball fans know Lin’s value to a team…even if his coaches and GM does not. In last night’s loss to Kings, the offense was stagnant and too much iso for HarMelo or post ups for Howard that ends up being fouls and miss FT. Unbearable to watch. Trade Lin and watch him come back to torment Rockets.

  • ejent711

    Jeremy Lin is a victim of team and basketball court politics in Houston as he was in New York in a league where on most teams it is every man for himself according to some unwritten pecking order. Here is a player who is unselfish, can make his team mates better, as he did during “Linsanity” with Jared Jeffries, Landry Fields and Steve Novak, is coachable, works hard and has the talent. When given the chance to play the point guard position with the coach’s backing and support as well as the willingness of his team mates to let him quarterback the team, his confidence rises and he excels. This off season he worked on his shot and the results showed it. Now he is being relegated to a minor supporting role, no doubt in deference to Harden and Howard, neither of whom are leaders. I would hope that Asik and Lin go together to a team that needs help with a smart coach and adds some of Lin’s former team mates from Linsanity to build from there.

  • Rebecca Grafe

    Morey knows what he’s doing…….I said it when he gave those two contracts that he had a backup plan for both of them. So far his overall plan has worked out to a T. I’m sure he will make the right moves with Lin and Asik……He is much smarter than the rest of us.

    • Dan Cohen

      yes and no.

  • Jude

    Rush Hour in Houston is dead. Trade Lin.

    • Jude

      Haren just doesn’t want to be a side story always. Heck, he has been a side story all the way from OKC.

  • Tim Nguyen

    Lin needs to be on a team where he is the starter, has the support of the ownership, coaching staff and other players and 15-20 shots a game. Houston isn’t that good anyway and will be better off without him. How about MCW for Lin straight up? possibly throw in another guy to get asik as well. if i was philly i’d do that, Lin did have 34 and 12 when he last played in philly….

  • ReneNYK1

    Lin sucks and his contract is horrible,he can’t play a lick of defense and is a turnover machine

    • setrue

      How’s the “win now” trio of Old Man Kidd, Fat Felton, and 36 yr old second year man Prigioni working for the Knicks this year? Let’s remind everyone what they are doing this year, Kidd is now retire to become the worst coach of the year, Felton is still fat and the worst pg of the year, Prigioni like most old people stumbles and broke a bone. LMAO if you think Knicks are better off without LIn! One more reminder, Lin is 3 -0 vs. his old and I mean OLD TEAM.

    • Jeremy Williams

      james harden actually averages more turnovers than lin

    • Dan Cohen

      LOL LOH BKF (Bitter Knicks Fan)

  • jayofdajungle

    While Jeremy Lin’s contract isn’t necessarily obscene, it isn’t ideal. While he’s a relative bargain now at 5 mil per, it jumps to 15 mil in the final year. Otherwise known as a poison pill contract, what teams with favorable cap space do to get restricted free agents from teams with a bad cap situation. While it may not look like it now, the Knicks lucked out. The hype surrounding Lin was making it impossible for them to not re-sign him, that is unless another team came along and signed him to a back-loaded deal that they couldn’t match. Paying 15 mil for a flash-in-the-pan point guard, who turns the ball over WAY too much is the reason why Houston would love to offload him, but I don’t see anyone doing Houston a solid, as Lin may be the most overrated player in NBA history.

    • Dan Cohen

      so knicks luck out too with melo and his 20 million per year contract that doesn’t get the team anywhere? And for anyone who still say he is a flash in the pan does not know a thing about bball or must be an idiot or a kid. Let’s see you try hitting mvp numbers for even 2 games.. .. even average pgs cannot do what he did.. know your bballs stats before you comment. thank you.

      • jayofdajungle

        Who said anything about Melo? Don’t even get me started on him. Selfish scorer who will never win anything. The Knicks are the biggest joke of a franchise, and have made bad move, after bad move. They just happened to be right in not matching that deal. You use the fact that I, myself, can’t hit MVP numbers for two games to support your argument? He is the 34th ranked PG in PER. 34TH!!!! How is that for a stat, toolbag. Average players go off for 30 points every once in a little. I get it, you’re a Lin fan, but if that dude was so good Houston wouldn’t be falling over themselves trying to offload him. Especially in the last year of his deal. Are you going to want to pay a dude 15 mil in his last year for 13 ppg 4 assists and 3 TOs a game, nope, and neither does Houston. My 8 year old daughter has more basketball knowledge than you, we went to Sixers/Houston and she was like why do people like him so much, he’s not very good. So go somewhere with your Lin worship and next time you come at the king you best not miss.

  • James

    Any true knowledgeable fans knows Jeremy Lin skill level is not that great. He’s a turnover machine which the Rockets can’t get a 4th round pick for. Asik and Lin need to be traded like Now. So we can sign Parson to an extension period.

    • setrue

      Your comments showed you NOT to be a true knowledgeable fan. Harden avg., more turnovers but you of course do not know any facts. You only have low Basketball I.Q. If you are a knowledgeable fan, tell me how a team can win if Beverly as your pg has only ONE assist against Pacers last night? Tell me how effective are iso plays by Harden in 30 pts losses. Sure looks to like they miss Lin.

      • Dan Cohen

        he’s is just a hater that’s all

    • Paul Lee

      Let’s play with your logic. Which of the three players should be traded according to your logic?
      Turnovers per 48 minutes among James Harden, Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverly.

      How about assists per 48 minutes among the same three men?

      This is a two parter.

      Overlay shots taken per game per 48 minutes
      Points per 48 minutes

      We could go on like this for a while, but since I have some hope for you to learn, suffice it to let me ask you a simple question. How solidly do you think your assessment, which I am sure you read off some site, is of Jeremy Lin?

      Try this link to figure it out…

      If there is an obscene contract, it is not for the one Lin will be benefitting from next year. It CERTAINLY is not the one that Lin has for this year, unless you think he is being underpaid in comparison to Harden. I have nothing against Beverly. He is making his way through, and good luck to him. Just have some facts behind your assessments.

      • Dan Cohen

        hes a hater.. he will not read your lengthly comment.. keep it short and punching impact and he will flip LOL

    • Jeremy Williams

      harden averages more turnovers than lin. i’m not a rockets fan but look it up…

  • Akhorahil

    If this is your day job, you need to update that resume… This is a terrible take on the Lin and the Rocket’s situation. Lin’s contract is obscene?!?! Houston’s blunders with Asik and Lin?!?! Lin hasn’t brought the Lin-sanity to Houston!?!?!?

    Lin was actually playing better this year than he was in NY.
    The only blunder here is your article.

  • KVda1

    Smh. Melo is puttin up MVP numbers. He needs about 2 more apg to solidify. Lin is not the answer. Ppl go crazy over 7 games and forget he had 6-7 turnovers per game as well. So lets be realistic. This team doesnt need a scorer, it needs a leader

    • Allan

      Melo is not a leader.

    • Dan Cohen

      For over 20 million a year, he better be a leader. It’s winning games and championships that counts..not stats. lin of course is not the answer, but lin’s 25 million for 3 years now seems like a bargain compare to 20 million PER year for melo with a team that he is suppose to be the leader! Dolan is an idiot. case close

  • awat

    knicks lost 18 games so melo is not the laeder or the answer

    • Dan Cohen

      right.. and that lin’s 15 million compare to melo’s salary now seems like a bargain!

  • Jeremy Williams

    here’s the trade.. melo for lin and asik. knicks need another big and a point guard.

    • Allan

      I’m down with that. I’d love to see Harden, Melo, and Dwight all calling for the ball.

  • zcare now

    Lin isn’t going to be traded unless he was part of a package to get another star or near star. He will remain with the Rockets for the duration of his deal.

  • gdi4ever

    Lin is not benched! He is always hurt. Some players can play with pain but apparently he cannot. Add the factor in that his salary is obscene and his value has diminished.

    • Dan Cohen

      you play with pain and you end up like limping mchal

  • Ian

    This article reads like it was written by a 12 year old fanboy. Statistically Lin has been the 3rd best player on the Rockets, he’s just struggled with injuries. . And his cap number actually doesn’t balloon like his salary does (it’s averaged over the life the contract, or so I’ve read).

  • xnyer

    To the Ownership shouldn’t have signed him to that dumb contract, unless you will pay about 15 milllion per year for someone else to trade for him

    • Allan

      lol it’s not 15million per year. it’s 5, 5, then 15.

  • Kreigh Hook

    first its *if*… and 2nd the Asik deal wasn’t too bad. He shot over 50 percent, averaged 10 points and 11 rebounds last season. He’s not a bad player. Lin is a solid player.. not a star.. not a future HOF but a good player. 3 team trade between the bulls, celtics and rockets.

    Rockets get: Rajon Rondo, Kris Humphries and Loul Deng (deng has an expiring contract along with Kris Humphries)… that gives you a power forward…off the bench… a small forward that can also play SG… he can come off the bench (hes injury prone and wouldn’t play too many minutes due to Harden and Parsons).. and a pass first PG.

    Celtics get:Omer Asik, Jeremy Lin,Erik Murphy and two future first round picks. That gives them a Point guard to replace Rondo and a big man. Erik Murphy was a 2nd round draft pick who I believe was only signed for 1 year.
    Bulls get:Courtney Lee, MarShon Brooks and Ronnie Brewer. Brewer brings them defense. Courtney Lee and Brooks provide shooting.

    This is just in my own fantasy little world… that will never happen.

  • Greencar

    This writer is definitely out ot lunch and smoking something weird. JL is worth every penny and more. JL’s fan base is huge, both Asians and non Asians love him and he is playing great all season.

  • Greencar

    The latest rumor has JL and Asik going to the Lakers for Pau and Blake. Wow that would be great ,a much bigger audience than Houston and much bigger fan base.

    • Allan

      I’d love for this to happen.

  • Greencar

    I am sick and tired off JL using the race card, get his butt out of Houston. In China he would be starving.

  • Greencar

    JL can be a good player one day, he needs to change his attitude and hustle a little bit more.

    • Dan Cohen

      what attitude. oh you mean be more of a thud? and challenge coaches?

  • Greencar

    When JL leaves, Rox will not be the same.

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