Saturday Night Live, John Goodman: Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone make surprise appearance


John Goodman dropped by Saturday Night Live to host this week and he got some help from a couple of old friends looking to plug a movie their in together. Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone war in the upcoming movie Grudge Match and made a surprise appearance on SNL in a sketch goofing the tale of the Three Wise Men called ‘Three Wise Guys’.

The sketch centered on Stallone, De Niro and Goodman riding camels to see the Baby Jesus in the nativity story. Rather than play the Three Wise men from the Christian tale, they played Three Wise Guys who were from New Jersey and Long Island and spewed cliches and stereotypes about old Italian guys from the East Coast.

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Overall the sketch was just alright, but it was a  nice surprise to see De Niro and Stallone show up. They were able to ping pong off of one another as well as Goodman who has been solid so far in yet another appearance as host of the show.

People are still split on the idea of Stallone and De Niro goofing on their iconic boxing portrayals as Rocky Balboa and Jake LaMotta in Grudge Match, but they showed some comedic chemistry with one another and so far have contributed to one of the better sketches on the night.

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