Saturday Night Live Review: Was John Goodman funny on SNL?


Tonight marked yet another night where John Goodman served as host on Saturday Night Live and while he had his moments, the question is how was the night overall. It’s safe to say that having a host like Goodman isn’t an attempt by SNL to lure in the younger generation of viewers but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a good time watching him do his thing.

The sketches were more hit and miss than usual with Goodman but his full and total dedication to each and everyone helped make the night go by a lot better than it would have had another lesser actor been hosting the show.

Some of the highlights on the night included a sketch where Bobby Moynihan played Food Network host Guy Fieri for a special that pretty much embodied everything everyone hates about the bleach blond rocker host. The Christmas special included everything low brow from Kid Rock to the Duck Dynasty guys quacking ‘Jingle Bells’.


Another highlight was a courtroom sketch where John Goodman got made up in drag to play an aggressively ugly woman suing her boss for firing her for being too hot at work. Taran Killam was great in the sketch as the prosecutor who objected to everything from the description of the woman’s body to her age being just 23.

The rest of the sketches were for the most part borderline but none of them fell too flat, unlike other sketches we’ve seen this season. Goodman was joined at one point by Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone for a sketch called ‘Three Wise Guys’ which spoofed on the tale of the Three Wise Men. The surprise appearance, which was to promote the film Grudge Match marked the second straight week we saw actors dropped by unannounced for a cameo.

Overall the show wasn’t as bad as it could have been and it will largely get ignored by the younger crowd who don’t known who Goodman is. Still, the charisma we saw from Goodman really helped lift the show from the depths of a Bruce Willis or Miley Cyrus bomb and maybe’s it’s the Christmas spirit or the fact that next week is the Jimmy Fallon-Justin Timberlake show, but this week’s show wasn’t all that bad and was actually pretty good.

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