Brian Griffin lies on the vet table in Season 12 Episode 6 of 'Family Guy'. Photo Credit: Fox

Seth MacFarlane reveals he killed Brian Griffin to teach fans a lesson

Tonight’s episode of the hit FOX series Family Guy saw the return of one of the series main characters after he was killed off a few weeks back. Brian Griffin was killed off by the show back at the end of November and the show, its writers and its creator all stuck tot he story that the family dog really was dead.

But Seth MacFarlane went on Twitter shortly after tonight’s episode to reveal the real reason Brian Griffin was killed off — to teach fans of the show a lesson about holding their loved ones near and dear.


It never really looked like the show was going to kill off brian for good, but they certainly sold the bit as hard as they could. It was all a brilliant Andy Kauffman style prank on the fans of the show, and it’s all been tied together in a nice neat holiday bow. Not many people could have predicted how much fans truly cared about an alcoholic animated dog who can talk, but Brian’s death was a real shock.

He’s back now though and we can all enjoy our holidays like we planned on doing before our fake cartoon dog was taken from us too soon.

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  • tito

    I miss Vinny.

    • Nick Tylwalk

      We should start a petition to the creators to get Vinny back!

  • dfg

    Family Guy Season 12, Episode 8 Christmas Guy •••►

    Family Guy Season 12, Episode 8 Christmas Guy •••►

    Family Guy Season 12, Episode 8 Christmas Guy •••►

    Family Guy Season 12, Episode 8 Christmas Guy •••►

    Family Guy Season 12, Episode 8 Christmas Guy •••►



  • Jr

    Pretty dumb..

  • Marvin P.

    This reeks of bullshit. If he really wanted to “teach a lesson” he wouldn’t have trolled his entire audience and brought Brian back the next episode. You can’t actually teach a lesson if you don’t, you know, actually DO something. Trolling isn’t “teaching.”

    “Hey, I was going to throw you in jail for drunk driving, but instead, I’ll just tell you a story about how drunk driving killed someone one time. That should make sure you don’t drunk drive anymore, eh?”

    And I like Brian as much as the next guy, but what IS there for him to really do? He doesn’t do much on the show other than serve as Seth McFarlane’s smug liberal avatar on the series.

    It sucked that Brian died, but it WOULD’VE lead to a way to keep the show relevant to fans and make them appreciate the show more (and the hammer home the supposed “lesson” he wanted to teach.) Nope. This is just trolling bullshit and none of us buy it.

  • Godofhdardcore

    Brian should have come back Altered Beast Style. WISE FROM YOUR GWAVE