2014 NFL Mock Draft: Latest first-round projections

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Apr 26, 2012; New York, NY, USA; A general view of Radio City Music Hall before the start of the 2012 NFL Draft. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

With another week of NFL action almost in the books, it is time for the fan bases that have been eliminated from the postseason to begin looking ahead to 2014. Luckily for them, draft season is just around the corner and 2014 NFL Draft coverage is in full swing.

Each week, we will bring you our latest first-round mock draft that looks at how the draft could play out next year, so you can begin to check out players who could be rocking your favorite team’s uniform next season.

Currently, Houston holds the No. 1 pick, but we still have two weeks of football left to play.

Where is your team drafting and who could be on their radar?

Here is the latest 2014 NFL Mock Draft:

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  • PJ

    Raiders dont need LB, they need to start in the trenches and work out from there.

  • chas territo

    Just player photo’s? A little info, please?? Ridiculous with no info on your selections would be responsible. GO BILLS!!

  • Josh Hart

    Like this for the Browns!

  • dioxintribe

    You lost me on the first pick. I saw Bridgewater play Cincinnati and did not see him handle pressure well.

  • dioxintribe

    You lost me on the first pick. I saw Bridgewater play against Cincinnati and he did not handle pressure well.

  • Paul Newbold

    No way Jets go WR first round. If Rex is still intact its a safety or linebacker in the first round. Historically Jets have gone defensively in the first round, and regardless of the need for a WR, I’d be seriously be surprised to see that change.

  • Richard Watts

    Tampa Bay Louis Nix DT..You gotta be crazy or on Crack..We need Mike Evans a large big play WR as our first pick..Our interior D-Line is the least of our problems…We rank DEAD last in total offense. Dead last in passing.

  • youretoofunny

    …The steelers will draft an offensive lineman. You have to smoke something incredibly good. The wheels are falling off the defense, Troy and Clark are about to get AARP benefits, theres 0 pass rush, no big fast WR to take the top off, Taylor is getting old as a corner, Allen is garbage compared to Lewis who they cut, and you project yet another OL. Need insurance in case DeCastro misses Pounceys knee next season that someone can cut block their own center maybe? 2 1st round and 2 2nd round lineman are on that squad drafted in the last 4 years. Evans, Clinton-Dix, something real big and fat that can take Hamptons place so the linebackers can be useful again if they want to keep a 3-4. Anything but another OL.

  • chrisbye

    All of these picks are dumb. If St.Louis passes on a WR like Watkins be sure the Browns won’t!

  • Sunstroke99

    With all the D-Line reinforcements the 49ers added in the past year, there is zero chance they spend their first rounder in 2014 on a D-lineman. It will be a WR or DB for sure…

  • Patriots

    AJ Mccarron will go in the first round

  • Eric Chastain

    Who is this dude? Manziel in the Top ten? WTF?

    • chas territo

      Right on! Manzy is not the right size, will not be able to run against the pro players on Defense and his speed is not adequate either. He will be the 2nd coming of that other over rated and over hyped player we all know about and want to forget. WE know who I’m talking about, so I will not use his unworthy name here! GO BILLS!!

  • VikingAnswer

    Poor Houston. They have a better QB on the team. This would be a horrible setback for them.

  • VikingAnswer

    And no on Manziel also. Not making another Ponder mistake. Will go with Cassel.