The 5 worst Christmas songs

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Cheerleaders in getups like this is one of the best things about Christmas… these songs however are some of the worst. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the days grow shorter and the snow begins to fall every day brings us closer to the 25th of December when we celebrate the birth of Santa. And while that means many things to many people, one universal experience at Christmas is the month of being bombarded nonstop by mind numbing Christmas music in essentially any commercial environment.

Now occasionally you’ll get a brief respite from this horrendous month long ordeal with a Springsteen rendition of Santa Clause is Coming to town or maybe something else that’s somewhat tolerable. But  I figure I’ll let you discover those diamonds in the rough for yourself, instead I’m raising awareness for the absolute bottom feeder of Christmas songs, the worst of the worst, the ones that make you want to hang yourself from the chimney with care.

So here I give you the 5 worst songs of the holiday season: Warning watching/listening to any of the song’s linked below may result in the need to listen to Christmas time is here and sadly walk away.

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Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Mark Young

    Sorry but it is the birth of Christ our Lord and Savior not SANTA. The World has Commercialized this day to drown out the true Meaning of Christmas. Hince Christ is the word Christmas. May GOD Bless you all this Christmas Season. MERRY CHRISTMAS Eveyone.

    • Alex Dineley

      Don’t worry I’m aware the true origins of the holiday, I was simply referencing the Simpsons for a cheap laugh.