Ohio State fans troll Clemson fans on their own campus, Thomas Green Clemson statue

The Clemson Tigers are taking on the Ohio State Buckeyes at the Discover Orange Bowl in Miami on January 3rd. The two fan bases are wasting no time getting into the friendly ribbing.

Some local Ohio State fans made their way on to Clemson’s campus, and threw some additions on the statue of Thomas Green Clemson. The statutes hands are holding a buckeyes necklace like a rosary almost. Propped on top of the hands was a sign that read “Charlie Bauman had it coming.”

For those unfamiliar with the reference, Charlie Bauman was the Clemson linebacker Ohio State coach Woody Hayes slugged as the 1978 Gator Bowl came to an end. It ended Hayes’ career as head coach at Ohio State.

Interesting that the two teams are meeting in Florida again, although it isn’t the Gator Bowl this time around. We could probably expect not to see Urban Meyer hit any Clemson players though.

From Eleven Warriors:

And a close up:

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