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Netflix CEO Asks President Obama if He’d Like to Cameo on ‘House of Cards’ (Video)

Talk about your epic cameos! Earlier today, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings attended a meeting between the President of the United States Barack Obama and several leading members ad CEOs of the tech industry to discuss both the Obamacare Website and the government’s National Security Surveillance Efforts.

As you can imagine, there were plenty of important people at this meeting, including Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, Inc., and Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo.

In a clip courtesy of CBS News, you can hear as President Obama inquires about the series.

I’m just wondering if Reed brought the advance copies of House of Cards.” The President says.

The room gets quite a laugh from that. Before they move on, Hastings slips in an invitation to be on the show himself.

Are you willing to do a little cameo?” Hastings asks.

Now, as you can probably imagine, the President didn’t say yes. However, on the flip side, he didn’t exactly say no, either. The ball is in your court, Mr. President.

Obama goes on to mention the effectiveness of Frank Underwood’s strategies.

I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient.” Obama says. ““It’s true. It’s like Kevin Spacey, man, this guy’s getting a lot of stuff done.”

Here is a look at the video courtesy of CBS News.


House of Cards is currently gearing up for Season 2. As we told showed you late last week, Netflix has already released a teaser for the upcoming Season.

According to Deadline, there are already talks of extending the show past its currently agreed upon 26 episodes. I guess we shall wait and see how that pans out. If the second season is anywhere near as popular as Season 1, I think we are safe in assuming the show will go on.

House of Cards is scheduled to return for Season 2 on February 14, 2014 on Netflix.

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