Clemson responds to Ohio State troll on campus (Photo)

The Ohio State Buckeyes will meet the Clemson Tigers in the Orange Bowl at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida on Jan. 3, and the game just got a little more interesting. Some Ohio State fans have previously gone onto Clemson’s campus to send a fun little message with some trash talk before the game, but you never mess with a Tiger.

Clemson fans returned the favor by a little trolling of their own on the Ohio State campus.

A reader submitted the following photo to FanSided that shows a sign hung around the mascot that jokes about an old incident that occurred at the 1978 Gator Bowl. It was the same incident that Ohio State used in their troll, with a sign that read “Charlie Bauman had it coming.”

Legendary Ohio State coach Woody Hayes landed a punch on Clemson’s Bauman during the game, in a moment that would go down in infamy and lead to his downfall.

With their response, the Tigers fans simply hung a sign that read, “Woody punches like a sissy.”

Here is a photo of the great Clemson response:

This is the kind of fun trash-talking before a game that makes college football fun. Let’s hope that it stays light-hearted.

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