Oct 18, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Diego Sanchez during the weigh-in for UFC 166 at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Conor McGregor and Diego Sanchez Twitter feud part 3

Over the past month, Conor McGregor and Diego Sanchez have cultivated a rivalry that is getting the MMA community hyped for a possible fight. Today, the drama continued with yet another set of tweets between the two. In early November, the two began feuding with theses set of tweets. McGregor made fun of Diego’s Mexican heritage and said that he would end his career if they fought. Diego took the high road, simply stating that Conor has no class at all.

Later in the month, McGregor and Sanchez exchanged on Twitter again. This time during Sanchez’s campaign for his next fight, a fan suggested Conor as his next opponent. Sanchez said that McGregor has to climb the ladder before he could step in the cage against him. This led to more back and forth from both men.

Today, the duo gave us our third serving of their Twitter war with these tweets:



Someone then asked why the two would not fight already, to which Sanchez responded:

Clearly Conor McGregor is attempting to keep his name relevant as he nurses his injury, but is he hurting or helping his image? He seems to be a fast rising star, and the hype and rivalry between the two men could sell a pay per view. This could very well be a matchup made when Conor returns from injury in 2014.

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  • irishbrother

    Im a fan of Mcgregor but also have been a fan of Sanchez,in my opinion Mcgregor needs to get back to fighting asap as he has to much time on his hands,he needs to be back in the ring(not to quick by the way),all this tweeting stuff is BS,but in all fairness it was Diego that kicked it all of between the pair before the Holloway fight,id watch the fight for sure if it happened,thats if they canb find a real suitable for both fighters,id put money on Mcgregor to stop sanchez,a lot of people that think is ground game aint up to scratch will be surpirised if Sanchez could even take him down,which I highly doubt,Mcgregor to fast weigh to sharp an fresh,Sanchez would the one in for a nightmare