Heineken Puts Karaoke Singers on a Jumbotron, Times Square Billboard, and More [Sponsored]

Think you’d have what it takes to perform your favorite holiday karaoke song in front of an audience of thousands? That’s just what this group of revelers faced when Heineken gave them the surprise of the season with #CarolKaraoke. Check out the video to see how they responded. Some wilted under pressure, others triumphed, and had their performances streamed to an NBA Jumbotron, Times Square, and tons of NYC taxi cabs.

Meanwhile, Heineken did a survey to find out which songs Americans love to sing most at karaoke during the holidays. “Jingle Bell Rock,” wins at 31%, followed by “Winter Wonderland” at 20%, and “All I Want for Christmas is You” at 13%.

Furthermore, they discovered that 56% of survey respondents felt that it was less embarrassing to sing karaoke in front of friends and family as opposed to strangers. Well that didn’t seem to phase the people in this video. Check it out, then share your holiday karaoke moments with #CarolKaraoke on Twitter.

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