What to make of Fallout 4 rumors?


The new year is expected to be a great time for gamers with plenty of awesome titles releasing on both current and next gen consoles.

However, there’s one game that hasn’t been announced, even though there are rumors circulating about it’s existence.

This game is Fallout 4 and the developer working on the game is probably Bethesda Game Studios.

They were responsible for Fallout 3 and they just finished development on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in April this year.

Since this is the case, it almost seems logical their next project is a new Fallout game.

The setting, plot and actual existence of the game have been found from some allegedly leaked documents.

According to Kotaku, the documents include scripts and character descriptions, which it claims is related to a casting call for a project codenamed Institute.

Although there’s no mention of the word Fallout in the document, the casting director is the same that worked on Dishonored and Skyrim.

Also the script does make a reference to locations which appeared in prior Fallout games.

Another interesting part is the script’s setting in and around Boston, Massachusetts, as this lines up perfectly with 2012 rumors that Bethesda was spotted scouting at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Naturally Bethesda had no comment on the leak.

Even if the the documents are genuine, there’s no guarantee the details contained therein will make their way to the final game.

Bethesda has been very secretive on their next project and I can only hope that it ends up being Fallout 4.

You can sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about the rumor and what you would like to see in the new Fallout game.










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  • Robert Jackson

    Just in case its not in the works: Please sign my petition!


    Hopefully it is. I will be really disappointed if it is not.

  • Memo

    I am dying to play this game. I know all of this could be rumors, i am just thinking about it all day. I am Fallout addict. Vault-Dwellers !! :)

  • Bruce Freedancer Foley

    I loved Fallout 3, to be honest all things considered it is probably the best gaming experience I’ve ever had. It only had one (serious) problem. It simply became too easy. I ended up being way too overpowered and at that point my interest in the game dropped off. I’m hoping they make the next fallout tougher, so as you progress, suitable challenges to match your characters strength are offered.

  • Will

    I really hope they release another. Honestly, Fallout: New Vegas was a disappointment in regards to story content… I would suspect Bethesda would want to redeem the Fallout franchise in that regard.

    • Bizzoned

      I’m not sure whether you’re not comparing it to the older games, but in between Fallout 3 and Fallout NV, I’d say New Vegas had way more interesting and complex main storyline and setting. And the DLC’s tipped the balance even further – except maybe, in my butthurt opinion, for Dead Money, they all were masterpieces (Honest Hearts was by far my favourite even though it was rather simple). I would definitely love more of referrences and parallels to the ancient world (like Legion, The Great Khans, tribes of Zion,…) in the next Fallout game, those were really awesome in NV.

      • Will

        Well, lol, see, in my opinion Fallout 3 had a much better storyline than Fallout: New Vegas did. Maybe it’s because I like weirdness in a story, the stranger it is, the better I like it. Fallout 3 had plenty of that… You know, like your character being abducted by aliens in one of the expansions of Fallout 3, et cetera? Yeah, right down my alley

      • Will

        To me, Fallout got away from that sort of thing in New Vegas. It was, for a lack of a better word, too “common”for my taste.

      • Will

        However, I will say that the expansions in New Vegas were good. To me, the expansions to New Vegas were better than the main storyline. Just my opinion. Lol

  • Chris Lacey

    My guess is that during either the Sony or Microsoft E3 press conference, Fallout 4 is officially announced.
    Another possibility is that Game Informer might reveal the game first in an upcoming issue.

  • mrericdude

    I thought that Fallout 4 has been confirmed.

  • Chris Lacey

    No Fallout 4 has not been confirmed by Bethesda.