NFL MVP Watch: Week 16

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There is a reason why this award is called the “most valuable player”. It’s not for a player who can easily be replaced, or be replaced at all. Football is said to be the ultimate team game. So, to be the most valuable player on that team is to mean that your absence pretty much screws the team no matter what. There are no adjustments that can be made, there is no overcompensating, you’re screwed without this guy and everyone knows it but since he’s in there no one can beat you and that’s why he’s your MVP. Here are the candidates through Week 15.

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    * Jamaal Charles -4 receiving touchdowns , 1 rushing touchdown

  • FaAmos

    Charles doesn’t get it it’ll just be another Midwest bias

  • ahrcshaw

    With your type of thinking only QB’s will make the Most Valuable Player listing. That is reasonable as the QB is usually the duck when things go wrong as they have more opportunities to make good plays, good decisions, then someone who only gets 20 reps. That being the case their should be more then one MVP on a team, maybe even 8 or 10. One MVP for every position on the team, or maybe there should be no MVP’s on the team as football is the ultimate team sport.

    However, when you think about it, not having a MVP or boasting about a player does not sell papers or the sport so we can have our fun picking the MVP but it is still meaningless, except to the QB who wins it.

  • ahrcshaw

    P.S. I like the offensive player of the week, and the defensive player of the week even better then the MVP as it passes the trophy around to players who excel.