Nov 21, 2013; Charleston, SC, USA; Massachusetts Minutemen guard Chaz Williams (3) controls the ball during the first half against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at TD Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

UMass basketball players make 'White Boy Water' commercial

Are you in a gloomy mood on this dreary Wednesday night? Well then cheer yourself up with this hilarious fake infomercial posted earlier today at SB Nation’s Hustle Belt. The video, an advertisement for a product called “White Boy Water,” features Massachusetts Minutemen basketball players Chaz Williams, Tyler Bergantino, Seth Berger, and Cady Lalanne.


Okay, let’s just get something out of the way before the comments start rolling in. If your response to this video was a chuckle or two, then you are probably a normal person. If your response to this video was the rolling of your eyes, then you are probably a normal person who possess a strict standard of humor only Andy Borowitz can tickle. However, if your response to this video was to bring up “reverse racism” and ask pointless questions about how (the only-existing-in-your-mind) Political Correctness Police would respond to a video about “Black Boy Water,” then you are probably an idiot and should, for the sake of humanity, bash your head against your desk until all the dumbness is jostled loose from your skull. (And I mean that in the politest way possible!)

Keep the videos coming, UMass!

[Source: Hustle Belt]

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