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Alabama Crimson Tide suspend two players for Sugar Bowl vs. Oklahoma

The Alabama Crimson Tide won’t be playing in the National Championship this year, and had they been we might not have heard the news that dropped late Thursday evening. According to, the Tide have suspended linebacker Xzavier Dickson and running back Alvin Kamara for the Sugar Bowl against the Oklahoma Sooners.

If you’re scratching your head at those names, you should be as neither have had that big of an impact on Alabama’s season this year. The only player suspended who has had marginal impact on the season is Dickson as he split time with Denzel Devall but still, the losses aren’t going to swing the bowl game in Oklahoma’s favor in any way.

Alabama has a lot of help at running back so losing Kamara shouldn’t hurt the Tide at all against the Sooners. Alabama didn’t specify as to why the two players were suspended but it’s not thought to be a serious matter at all. Kamara could be a name to watch as Alabama seems to be planning to redshirt him after he has been held out of all of the Tide’s games so far this season.

Oklahoma isn’t catching a big break here with these suspensions and you should still expect the Tide to roll over the Sooners in the Sugar Bowl.

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