Alabama fan schools ESPN's Colin Cowherd (Audio)

We all know that college football fans in the SEC are as loyal as anyone, so when you have something bad to say or criticize their favorite team, you better prepare yourself for the backlash that is about to be coming your way.

Unfortunately for ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, he found out the hard way.

After appearing with Paul Finebaum and discussing some football, Cowherd hung up. It was then that the phone lines lit up and one angry Alabama fan named Phyllis was ready to give Cowherd a piece of her mind.

Phyllis unloaded a flurry of insults that including calling the ESPN radio personality “Cow-turd” and an “the biggest ass kisser” that she has ever heard.

Phyllis is one angry woman, but her southern accent and her passion really make the call great.

You can listen to it for yourself below:

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  • Brett Summers

    How did she “stick it” to Cowherd, again? She just rambled for 30 seconds.

  • me6661973

    lol stupid woman didn’t have no one beat. Gus out coach Saban! We ran over bammer.. Poor bammer need more 4 downs get the job done. They Choke. Auburn was ready. 34-28 read it and weep get use to it.

  • Warner MC

    That woman must ramble on the Finebaum show alot. If you watch the Roll Tide/War Eagle 30 for 30 Documentary, that voice is on there several times. “This is BAMA’s DAY” is one of the quotes I remember right off. Some Alabama fans are nuts.

  • Jeremiah Harmon

    That crazy battle axe didn’t school anyone. If anything, she proved Cowherd’s point about fans from the South with her 30 second wailing and gnashing of gums. Fans like her are an embarrassment to us level-headed southern fans.

  • J.O.

    Y’all (ck my accent) might have started a second war of words on your site about mentioning Bama/AU.. All I can say is if your not BORN and raised down here you might not have a total appreciation for football down here. TRUE Bama/AU fans tho really do root for one another when it comes to out-of-conference games. I see all the time where both sides take jabs at one another. For the most part its good clean fun, like a sibling rivalry, but it does get ugly…when that happens I want the non-southerners to know that its not typical fan behavior, there morons.. and alot of times those are “bandwagon jumpers” who participate in that behavior.