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Danica Patrick dons muscle suit for GoDaddy ad

Danica Patrick has gotten ripped, or at least that’s what GoDaddy would like you to think in their latest commercial.

The spot features Patrick—SPOILER: who is in a muscle suit—running with a group of very muscular people who don’t appear to be wearing muscle suits. They’re just actually yoked.

Why this is happening? I don’t know. What the commercial will really be about as far as content is concerned? You’re guess is as good as mine. The only reason we know this much is because MailOnline was able to snag a video of it, and then put it on YouTube.

You ready to watch it? I know you are.


Most of the GoDaddy commercials with Danica feature her in some sort of sexy way, but this time, it looks like they’re trying to go the comedic route. That’s not to say that Patrick doesn’t look good with the muscles of a body builder—because that’s a look that many people are into in both men and women—it’s just not what we’re used to seeing out of her.

I, for one, still don’t really even know what GoDaddy is, but the fact that I associate their commercials or product with Danica Patrick is a good thing for them, right?

Either way, enjoy the sneak peek of the commercial. I’m sure we’ll talk more about it once it actually airs.

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