Kevin Smith, Clerks returning to Sundance for 20th Anniversary screening


Kevin Smith and his first feature Clerks are headed back to Sundance this year as the film has been added to the screening list according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

When it comes to the rags to riches tales filmmakers dream of, Smith is really the epitome of a Sundance story. Each year millions of indie filmmakers attempt to get their films screened at the festival in the hopes of securing a deal with a distributor. Smith was one of those kids back in 1994 and after his film got picked up by Miramax, Smith’s Hollywood career took off.

Of course, he almost killed it right away by putting out Mallrats, but Smith redeemed himself with the hit film Chasing Amy. This career arch proves what is possible at Sundance for young filmmakers looking for their big break and the festival is planning on honoring Smith’s career this year by screening the film that started it all.

The midnight screening is set for January 24, 2014 and is expected to be followed by a Q&A where Smith will go in-depth with his story about how Sundance not only has a special place in his heart, but it launched the career he has today.

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