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Oscars 2014: First promo shows off Ellen DeGeneres dancing in the streets (Video)

The Oscars are coming up in March and Ellen DeGeneres is going to return as host, replacing last year’s host Seth MacFarlane. After the so-so reception of MacFarlane’s job hosting, the Academy has returned to DeGeneres, who is not only as popular as she’s ever been now, but is a host who knows how the Oscars work.

Ellen hosted the show back in 2007 but she’ll be returning in a year where Hollywood has largely been credited with the advancement of gay rights in America. It’s a more accepting time for a lesbian host of the Oscars and besides the political impact of the show, DeGeneres is the funniest talk show host on cable at the moment.

She also happens to be friends with just about everyone in Hollywood from gossip magazine fodder to deeper, more reclusive artists like Joaquin Phoenix and others. This all lines the stars up for one of the best Oscars we’ve seen in years and today saw the first promo for the show which features DeGeneres literally dancing in the streets with joy.

Her last time around as host is still underrated in the history of Oscar hosts, but this time around should be even better and we can expect more great promos like this in the coming months.


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