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Roy Hibbert videobombs NBA Countdown, makes fun of Stephen A. Smith's hairline (Video)

The Indiana Pacers lost a close and contested game to the Miami Heat on Wednesday night. The Pacers were winning before the Heat came from behind on a 10-0 run.

Pacers center Roy Hibbert still managed to have some fun after the game. During the NBA countdown show, Hibbert walked into the back ground and videobombed Sage Steele, Avery Johnson and Stephen A. Smith.

Steele notices and stops Smith mid-sentence to point it out. Smith for some reason decides to declare he isn’t scared of the man standing calmly in the back ground.

Smith says he doesn’t have to defend Hibbert in the post, then Hibbert begins to tease Smith about his hair line. Smith doe ask Hibbert if he wants to point out on national television that his hairline is better than LeBron James’.

Hibbert avoided it but acknowledged Smith’s consistent hairline.

[h/t] Bleacher Report

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