Logo for "300: Rise of an Empire." Photo Credit: Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures.

‘300: Rise of an Empire’ New Character Poster Features Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes

Here we are, another day, another character poster for 300: Rise of an Empire. Starting on Monday, and every day since, the good people at Warner Bros. have been giving us more of an in depth look at the characters of the film. On Monday, they would feature Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey as Queen Gorgo. Tuesday would bring us a look at Jack O’Connell as Calisto. Wednesday brought us a look at Penny Dreadful actress Eva Green as Artemisia. Yesterday, we saw Sullivan Stapleton as Themistocles. Today, we are being given a look at Rodrigo Santoro as King Xerxes.

I think it is pretty clear what his intentions are. The caption on his poster reads, “Athens Will Burn.”

Here is a short description of the film as per IMDb.com.

After its victory over Leonidas’ 300, the Persian Army under the command of Xerxes marches south towards the major Greek city-states. The Democratic city of Athens, first on the path of Xerxes’ army, bases its strength on its fleet, led by admiral Themistocles. Themistocles is forced to an unwilling alliance with the traditional rival of Athens, oligarchic Sparta whose might lies with its superior infantry troops. But Xerxes still reigns supreme in numbers over sea and land.”

The film is being directed by Noam Murro, and will take place before, during, and after the events that played out in 300Zack Snyder, who directed and co-wrote the original film, is working with screenwriter Kurt Johnstad on the script for the film. Snyder will also serve as a producer of the project.

Here is a look at the newest character poster for 300: Rise of an Empire.

Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes in a character poster for the film "300: Rise of an Empire". Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes in a character poster for the film “300: Rise of an Empire”.
Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

300: Rise of the Empire is scheduled to be released on March 7, 2014.


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