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Military father returns from duty, surprises son by dressing up as opposing player at football game (Video)


Sports are a way for us to all escape the hardships of the real world, and one of those hardships involves sons and daughters watching their fathers leave them in order to defend this country. That’s why when they come back and surprise their loved ones, it’s gives us all a warm feeling in our hearts. We saw another one of those moments at ah ugh school football game where a father returned from active duty, dressed as an opposing player and totally shocked his son when he reveled his identity.

They saw grown men don’t cry, but we won’t blame you for getting a lump in your throat after this one.

It’s always great to see family reunions like this but when the creativity goes up to a whole new level like with this father, it just adds to the special moment. But no matter how his father reunited himself with his son, the emotion was going to be there. Now his son will forever associate this reunion with the sport he loves, a sport he probably grew up learning and bonding with his father over.

The football game is the MacGuffin, and this reunion between father and son is the most amazing thing you’ll see all week.

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