Fight breaks out in store for new Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blues (Video)


There was another release for the Jordan shoe line Saturday, Nike released its Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blues. The Jordan releases have been marred by shootings, stabbings and robberies. Still people line up for the shoes.

“Ridiculous, ridiculous,” said Kim Baugh, a mother shopping for the shoes for her teenager, via WUSA “But the sad part is parents like me are always looking out for ‘em.”

“I’m going to line up. I’m going to line up right here,” says Sean Royster, 17. “I’ll be here with my people. I feel safe. Not scared.”

The shoes retail at $185 but can bring in a lot more at consignment shops and eBay. Some of the demand is from people looking to make money flipping the shoes.

Some people at one store couldn’t feel as safe as Royster did. In a video posted to Instagram, a fight breaks out in a store selling the shoes. The caption for the video reads: “FOR GAMMAS THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!! #gamma11s”

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