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Knicks’ Toure Murry behind the back pass to Tim Hardaway for the dunk (GIF)

The New York Knicks are playing the Memphis Grizzlies in some early action. The team spent the night at a hotel the night before and even had a curfew. There was an early highlight from Toure Murry and Tim Hardaway.

Toure Murry was taking the ball down the court when he went behind the back with a pass to Tim Hardaway who was clear in the lane and slammed it home. Murry almost didn’t join the Knicks.

“Deciding was tough, but I believed in the Knicks and the team believed in me,” Murry told RealGM. “I felt any time you get some great comments from Mike Woodson himself early, you feel comfortable playing for the team. When I accepted the training camp offer, it was all on me. I felt I had a great chance to make the team.”

Murry has learned a lot from veteran point guards on the Knicks roster.

“Playing patient, playing within yourself,” Murry said. “A lot of times, point guards try to get out of their games, especially when you transition from the two. I’ve learned how to run the team from those guys. They’ve been in the league a long time, especially Pablo; he’s been playing professional for a while.

“Any time you learn from them and watch them, you’re going to get better and I know I need to be patient.”

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