Rams LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar wanted to take final snap at quarterback in Week 16

During last weekend’s big win over the New Orleans Saints, the St. Louis Rams got to finish the game how every team in the league prefers — the victory formation. When the team went out to kneel the ball to end the game, it was linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar who was hoping to have a once in a lifetime moment.

The Rams linebacker got to line up at running back for the final play, but he was hoping he could sneak under center to take the final snap.

I asked Kellen if I could take the snap; he told me no chance,” Dunbar said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “They just told me to line up a few yards behind Kellen, and don’t move. It was pretty cool, pretty sweet to do.”

It was a funny moment for Dunbar and it appears that his teammates enjoyed the linebacker in the backfield just as much as he did.

“They just started laughing,” Dunbar said.

While Dunbar was surprised to go out for the final play on offense, it was not something completely out of the ordinary and he actually took a rep at practice in the victory formation.

“Jeff (Fisher) kind of surprised me with it at Saturday’s practice,” Dunbar said. “He just told me to go out there. I didn’t think we were actually gonna do that when the situation came.”

Maybe one day Dunbar will get his dream of taking a snap under center, but we wouldn’t hold our breath.

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  • Gary Stewart

    i would say if the chance is gonna come as a ram it better happen this sunday because i doubt we win in seattle (although its not impossible) and i doubt his contract will be on the rams next year!! and until someone convinces me jake matthews is the next coming of orlando pace i see the rams trading down and taking barr mosely or mack but thats me. if we trade down we could get the olb and an o lineman as well as the safety with out own pick if we dont use it on a cb!! GO RAMS!!