Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon: Paul McCartney sings during Fallon's monologue


Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake took over Saturday Night Live tonight but while we wanted to see how the sketches would go, just about every aspect of the show was under scrutiny since the expectations were so high. That means Fallon’s monologue was subject to a lot of attention, despite the fact he does one every single night of the week for his late night show.

Fallon teased David Bowe, Bob Dylan and  Paul McCartney for his monologue but immediately told the audience that all three were held up in traffic. However, he belted right into impressions of all three artists and nailed each one. But when he got to Sir Paul McCartney, the Beetle himself showed up from backstage to help Fallon sing a Christmas song with him.

It was a great surprise and proved that the show was already off to a hot start.

No matter how you thought the monologue went, the fact still remains that Fallon and Timberlake will be dominating our night on SNL and even if we just get more heavy doses of Fallon instead of the co-hosting gig we were all drooling over, Fallon showed he can still carry his own on the SNL stage and things should go better than expected tonight.

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