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Spider-Man might be killed off in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3'


This summer marks the release of the hotly anticipated sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, but Sony has a plan carved out for their Spider-Man universe and it might actually be one that doesn’t include a Spider-Man at all. There has been a lot made about Sony’s four picture deal with the franchise but rumors are starting to surface that suggest the everyone’s favorite web-slinging superhero might not make it past film three.

Killing off Spider-Man seems like a crazy idea but it’s something that would actually make sense given the circumstances of the quadrilogy being planned. For starters, Andrew Garfield has stated that he’s only signed on for two more movies and has nothing to do with The Amazing Spider-Man 4We now know that the fourth film will be a Venom spinoff with a Sinister Six film also planned. Both of these movies will focus not he villains of the Spider-Man universe which again reinforces the idea that Spider-Man won’t exist after the third film.

Another theory to the rumor is that just Peter Parker is killed, leaving the idea of Spider-Man still alive. We saw this same sort of thing in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises where Bruce Wayne retires but the idea of Batman lives on after him. Marvel has killed Peter Parker in the comics before so doing it on film wouldn’t be the first time it’s ever happened.

Killing Peter Parker also opens up the idea that the Spider-Man franchise can live on forever with interchangeable characters putting on the Spider-Man suit.

We don’t know what’s in store for the Spider-Man franchise but what we do know is that something we haven’t seen before likely will happen in the next two movies. Whether that be Spider-Man or Peter Parker dying, it’s too early to tell. But we need to open our minds to the possibility of that happening because it’s not as outside the box as you’d think.

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