Oct 2, 2013; Park City, UT, USA; Team USA women

USA, Canada women's hockey teams brawl in exhibition game (Video)

The United States women’s hockey team and the Canadian women’s hockey team played in an exhibition game, also known as a meaningless game for fun. The rivalry between the US and Canada wasn’t pushed aside for this match up though.

Earlier in the game Canada’s Brianne Jenner took a late run at Josephine Pucci. Team USA remembered that and as the game, 4-1 USA at the time, was winding down USA’s Jocelyne Lamoureux exacted some on-ice revenge by ramming Jenner into the boards.

That ignited an all out brawl between the two teams and 12 penalties were assessed in those final nine seconds of the game.

“I think we came in and defended our teammates, did what we had to do,” Lamoureux said, via USA Today. “It’s always going to be heated (against Canada). The intensity is always going to be there.”

Their coach didn’t support it, but didn’t denounce it either.

“I’m not a proponent of fighting in hockey, but I am a proponent of standing up for yourself,” U.S. coach Katey Stone said. “We will not be pushed around.”

“We’re prepared to play whatever game we have to play,” Stone said. “We’ll go hard, we’ll play clean, but if the game gets out of hand we’ll manage that as well.”

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