WWE removes Dave Batista's name from Live event advertisements

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I posted a possible Batista return to the WWE earlier after some Phoenix Suns representatives revealed that he would make an appearance on February 15th.

Now the WWE is scheduled to be at the US Airways Center in Phoenix that night and in Las Vegas the following night. The events won’t be on TV, but advertisements have been including a ‘special return of “The Animal” Batista’.

According to NoDQ.com, those advertisements have been pulled. Now we’ll never know if Batista was actually going to return, or if he still may do so. He has been talking about a return for awhile but nothing has been done just yet.

With these promoters dropping the ball, it would have to show the WWE that they should be doing the advertising themselves and keeping things like this a secret. It does raise some flags for those who received the message or read the Tweet sent out by Phoenix Suns Vice President of Digital Operations, Jeramie McPeek, to expect Batista to appear at those events.

So if that were the case, the World Wrestling Entertainment could be scrapping that idea and scheduling him to come back at a later date. Thanks for ruining everything UNLVTickets.com and Jeramie McPeek!

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