Dec 22, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson (22) runs the ball while being defended by Miami Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll (28) and free safety Reshad Jones (20) during the first half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Dolphins vs. Bills finals score: Buffalo wins 19-0

The Miami Dolphins had their playoff hopes take a huge hit on Sunday, falling 19-0 to the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins went into the weekend controlling their playoff destiny, but now, due to the loss, Miami will have to wait around and hope other teams lose down the stretch.

To say the Dolphins struggled on Sunday would be an understatement. The team tallied only 103 yards of offense, relinquishing seven sacks of quarterback Ryan Tannehill. (Tannehill left the game briefly after the sixth sack and was replaced by Matt Moore, who threw two interceptions in replacement duty.)

The seven sacks gives Buffalo 56 on the season, a franchise record.

In contrast to Miami’s offensive struggles, the Bills totaled 390 yards of offense. Thad Lewis, starting at quarterback, completed 15 of his 25 passes for 193 yards. The offensive stars of the game, though, were the Buffalo running backs. Fred Jackson carried the ball 19 times for 111 yards and a touchdown, and C.J. Spiller contributed 77 rushing yards of his own.

There weren’t many GIF-able highlights from the game, but there is this clip of wide receiver Robert Woods earning himself an ejection for throwing a punch.

[Source: ESPN]

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  • Elvis

    Same O nothing’s. Can’t rush and can’t stop the rush. Can’t block on offense and can’t get through blocks on D. Can’t turn a 3rd down into a first and can’t prevent a first on 3rd no matter how many yards are needed.

    This year I’ve had to shut off the game 3 times in the early 4th even though the score was close. It’s just too painful to watch a bunch of guys that seem to be half asleep and no motivation.

    Coaches need to go….. Again because they can’t consistently put their players in winning matchups. We need 5 Pounceys on the line.

    Injuries, penalties, and lack of a big play threat. Another wasted year.

    • NWBill

      Nothing about how well Buffalo played, with their 2nd-string QB in the game? Yeah, Miami gave up 7 sacks and many more pressures – but do you think the Boy Scouts were going for your QB? Nope – it was the team, despite all of the injuries and problems they’ve been through this year, is STILL near the top of the league in sacks, pressures, and turnovers – AND is also near the top in rushing yards per game, to boot! That’s all with a ROOKIE QB, a ROOKIE head coach, a ROOKIE middle linebacker, a NEW kicker, and NEW schemes on both sides of the ball.

      Buffalo has five defensive players with 5 sacks or more so far this year – FIVE! You think teams WANT to play this defense this year? Not if they have half a brain, they don’t. And when EJ and the offense finds THEIR rhythm and some luck with their health – watch out!

      Come on – maybe a LITTLE credit, huh?

      The Buffalo Bills ….. the best 6-9 team in the NFL, and the team that sent Miami home in defeat today.

  • J holobinko

    Number 1 reason Jeff Ireland needs to go , two names Wheeler and Ellerbe! Miami has the absolute worst linebackers in the NFL! Miami defense was supposed to be the absolute strong point on this team. Their defense blows and Ireland is the one to blame for bringing both in! Coaching staff has been completely out coached in every game! No one on this staff should even have a job in the NFL! It’s a complete shame when the best player on your team is your punter! Clean your house Mr Ross and I mean everybody including tannehill before this team is ruined for another decade!