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NFL scout compares Johnny Manziel to Joe Montana

While he hasn’t officially made his declaration yet, that hasn’t stopped anyone from breaking down the prospect of Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel in the NFL beginning next season. The 2012 Heisman winner has a lot of people on the fence in regards to whether or not he can be successful at the next level with his renegade style of play at the most important position in the game.

Whatever the case may be, all signs certainly point to Manziel possibly making the move, striking while the iron is hot, and with the college football season coming to a close, NFL scouts are beginning to give their opinions.

While you never like to see someone get put on a high pedestal, which is commonplace in the media-driven world, one NFL scout went out of his way to give Johnny Football some extremely high praise when speaking to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Not only does this talent evaluator believe that Johnny will succeed, he sees a lot of someone in him whom a lot of folks consider to be the greatest quarterback of all time, Joe Montana:

“He reminds me a little bit of (Joe) Montana,” one scout said. “Fluid, and even though he’s off-balance he can get the ball out. He’s a smaller guy but he has big hands for a little guy. He’s fun to watch.”

You can’t really get much higher praise than that.

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