Saturday Night Live Review: Were Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake funny on SNL?


Tonight marked the night when Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake took over Saturday Night Live for what we were hoping would be the best episode of the season so far. The expectations were pretty high for the duo and they couldn’t have come through any better than they did on tonight’s show. Not only were both Fallon and Timberlake hilarious, they turned in perhaps the best show we’ve seen in a few seasons as the laughs rolled in and the devil may care spirit of SNL was restored like we haven’t see recently.

Fallon and Timberlake kicked the show off by coming out together, giving us a solid idea of how the night was going to go. One of the biggest questions we had was whether or not we’d see the duo together much throughout the course of the night, and we saw the two partner up in all but a few sketches on the night.

The highlights of the show included a sketch spoofing Family Feud where Jimmy Fallon played Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory while Timberlake played a hilarious version of Jimmy Fallon. The bit was off the chain with goofiness, so much so that we got to see Fallon’s signature crack up during the sketch. Timberlake almost lost it as well when he saw Fallon have to duck under a table to contain himself from laughing, and right there we got the tone of the night in a nutshell.

For the first time all season long, every single sketch was a hit, even if they weren’t all the most solid of concepts. But Fallon committed completely to each sketch and that, in addition to having Justin Timberlake there to assist for the most part, turned even the weaker of the sketches into great nuggets of comedy.

We knew that we were going to be in for one heck of a show tonight and while it may not have lived up to all the expectations that were set before it, we can happily say that Christmas came early thanks to Fallon and Timberlake who turned in the best episode we’ve seen all season long.

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  • Juanell Primus

    sadly as star studded the show was it actually sucked,, poor use of your guest, and Timberlake musical collection was not good at all, i must say this was his first appearance i did not like and when is he going to retire the sidewalk singer character, its not funny, its tired and stale, its time to move on, i can say much more but it would sound like grousing than critique SNL you are better than this

    • maurid

      The show was awesome, stop trying to so desperately be different. It’s not wrong to agree with others sometimes. Justin Timberlake is one of the most talented artists we have today, not many people can sing and act (and why not add “dance” to the list too) as well as he does. And with Fallon on SNL, it just can never go wrong, unless you really want it to. Last night was hilarious, and arguably the best episode of 2013 (followed by – you guessed it – Justin Timberlake’s Host/Musical Guest episode earlier this year).

      I’d say “you’re better than this”, but I’m not sure that’s true.

      • Juanell Primus

        yah no it sucked, why not share what you think was “awesome” instead of crying that i over turned you world, no someone can’t hate what you like, suck it – it blew, as you read i said i liked all of his other appearances, so its not hating. this one was not as good, does that hurt you that someone does not like what you do? grow up, people have different taste, you like licking balls i don’t our taste buds are different that way and in this

        share a valid opinion and i’ll respect you for it, don’t just complain that i hate what you like

  • LD

    Primus is mostly right, there were more hits than misses on this show despite the talents of Timberlake and Fallon. The fact that so many celebrities agree to do cameo appearances shows that SNL is still relevant, but most of the time they don’t add anything of value to the skits they are in.

    • Juanell Primus

      WORD!!!! SEE VALID OPINION GIVEN @maurid:disqus i mean Moron…
      and thank you @langdondaughtrey:disqus nice looking out, i might disagree but you had a valid opinion RESPECT!

  • WanderingPrince

    This show was great! Was the best SNL show in a few years, at least.
    Fallon is the most talented a comedic performer of his generation and
    Timberlake’s talent extend far beyond singing. The (Do It In My) Twin Bed skit was the
    highlight of the show and season! Don’t know what primus’ tastes are,
    ball licking, rim jobing, whatever. He’s obviously a homo-phobe who
    gains his self worth from criticizing those with real talent.

  • Jeff Miller

    Really wasn’t all that impressed by the episode. I’ve grown tired of the “Bring it on down” sketch and the Barry Gibb Talk Show got old a long time ago. The “Twin Bed” music video was pretty funny, but other than that I don’t think I actually laughed out loud at anything.