Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update Review: Billie Jean King gets goofed on Weekend Update


Tonight marked the night that Jimmy Fallon took over SNL again, this time with musical guest Justin Timberlake. But while the show itself was going to no doubt dominate our night, there was still them after of the Weekend Update to attend to, the segment of the show that is usually always solid.

In the past we’ve seen Fallon jump on the Update desk to challenge Seth Meyers to his old job as Update host, but we were wondering how things would go this time around now that Cecily Strong is backing up Meyers with the intentions of eventually taking over for him in February. We didn’t see Fallon butt in on Meyers duties we did see Meyers at his best, especially when he kicked off the segment by roasting Duck Dynasty. Meyers didn’t stay on the topic long but did slay the controversy by saying “this time we can judge a book by it’s cover”.

But one of the best moments of the segment was Kate McKinnon showing up in character as Billie Jean King who proceeded to rattle off a bunch of rough and tough rhetoric toward Russian president Vladimir Putin over the Sochi Olympics. McKinnon was brilliant as Billie Jean King and she nearly lost her composure a few times but recovered and turned in a killer performance.

Jimmy Fallon did show up but he was accompanied by Mayor Bloomberg as they two ping longed off each other about how they’re nothing leaving their current jobs early next year.

Overall, the Weekend Update is usually the best part of the show anyways, but this week’s segment felt extra special and even more funny than usually. For once though, the show outside of the Update lived up to the expectations set by the segment and we can truly say that so far this has been the best episode of the season.

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