Dec 10, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bulls power forward Taj Gibson (22) reacts after being called for a foul against the Milwaukee Bucks during the second half at United Center. Milwaukee defeats Chicago 78-74. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Taj Gibson, Brandon Jennings warned for flopping (Video)

The NBA does not like floppers.

Every time a player flops, the NBA tries to catch it, and they are now penalizing players for doing so. So far, the NBA has warned 16 players for flopping, and have fined James Harden and Corey Brewer 5,000 dollars each for being multiple offenders.

Well the total was 14 until Sunday night, when the league warned Taj Gibson of the Chicago Bulls and Brandon Jennings of the Detroit Pistons for flopping. Gibson’s play occurred on Saturday night’s game against the Cavs:

Jennings was warned for a play against the Rockets on Saturday:

Honestly, these two weren’t as bad as some of the plays we’ve seen this season, and I could see the league ignoring plays that are similar to this. I haven’t seen any statistics when it comes to a reduction in flopping since these penalties were put in place, but you’d have to assume that guys don’t like being called out publicly, and their wallets prefer to stay full.


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