Vin Diesel releases final still image of Paul Walker from 'Fast and Furious 7' (Photo)

When Paul Walker was tragically killed in a car crash at the end of November, the last thing anyone wanted to think about was a fake movie involving fake crashes and fake special effects. Walker’s death was very real and it is still hitting his family and co-stars pretty hard. Vin Diesel, who has been with Walker for virtually his whole career, has ben quiet about the tragedy for the most part but when he speaks up, it’s usually with some sort of touching tribute.

That was the case when Diesel released the final still image that Walker filmed for Fast and Furious 7 before he took off for California and eventually died in a car crash near a charity event he was hosting. Diesel released the image and a short note about his time with Walker.


The death of Paul Walker still doesn’t feel real as you typically don’t spend your time thinking about famous people dying or what there death would be like. Everything about Walker’s death still stings not only fans of the series but to people with basic human emotions who’s heart breaks for Walker’s family — specifically his teenage daughter — who have had their loved one torn from them.

Walker’s co-stars on his Fast and Furious films were considered family, and Diesel truly considered Walker a brother which is something we feel with each tribute he releases for his fallen friend.



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