2014 NFL Mock Draft: Latest first-round projections and picks

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Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; A general view of the stage before the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

We have just one week remaining in the 2013 NFL regular season, which means we have a solid idea of the order for the 2014 NFL Draft. While some teams are focusing on their playoff push and must-win games in Week 17, those who have been eliminated can begin looking forward to their offseason and draft plans.

This year’s draft class has plenty of talent that will be able to help teams around the league from day one, so it is more important than ever to ensure teams are doing their due diligence and maximizing their selections.

Currently, the Houston Texans hold the No. 1 pick, but we still have one week of football left to play.

Where is your team drafting and who could be on their radar?

Here is the latest 2014 NFL Mock Draft:

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  • Joseph Bulger

    Nope… no LB in 1st for Giants. No way. JR will resign Beason, who has been fabulous for them, and Williams, Paysinger and Rivers aren’t lousy enough to warrant a 1st round pick when the offense has been abysmal. They’ll have somewhere between the 9th and 15th pick, and one or two of Lewan, Robinson, Erving or Kouandjio will certainly be there. The Lions game last night yet again reemphasized the dire need for JR to fix that O-line first and foremost. After a very long career David Diehl is done, Glass Baas the IR queen can’t be relied upon, so that FA experiment ought to end now. $nee was once great (John Madden once referred to him as one of the best Guards in the league), but after his 2nd hip surgery on IR he has got to substantially restructure that huge contract, or he needs to go. Beatty got his big contract, and now looks way over matched too often at LT to have solidified that position, and Eli deserves much more than that with what little time he has remaining. If JR gives Coughlin another 1st round LT, and just as importantly lands FA Alex Mack from Cleveland to replace Baas, with the serviceable but nonetheless backups in Brewer, Mosley and Cordle, that solid O-line will translate into a big year for Eli and their 2012 1st round pick (also on IR) David Wilson (who won’t last the 2014 season trying to power through holes that the O-line doesn’t open up). Going D with the 1st pick when the D’s playing well, but the offense is like 30th in the league, makes no sense.

    • Shay Stewart

      It makes some sense. Why not use a high pick to get a LB when the Giants really need interior lineman. WHY waste a high pick on players that can be picked up in the 2nd to 4th rounds?

      • Joseph Bulger

        Interior linemen in the 1st, not usually. But I’m not convinced they drafted Pugh to be a RT. He didn’t grade out as a Tackle in the NFL, even though he has done more than a credible job at RT this season. Beatty’s struggling at LT, and their depth chart has nobody behind him. Eli threw 25 INTs to 16TDs, and the Giants are the 30th in the league in rushing, so the answer’s to… draft a LB in the 1st? That’ll fix what exactly? Corner? Ok. Need a starting Corner opposite Prince. I’m still for OT, but I can see Corner. WR? Ok. Need a starting WR because Hakeem Nicks isn’t coming back, and Randel isn’t a #1 WR. I’m still for OT, but I can see WR. Pugh is $nee’s relief. They need a Tackle, very badly. I wouldn’t complain if JR picked up Alabama OLB/DE Adrian Hubbard in the 2nd.

  • bk

    I just don’t see the Steelers going for a wr early… thye have so many needs that i’m sure they would like to move down toget an extra pick somewhere… otherwise they really need a stud OT like
    Robinson… They also need help on the interior of the D line, but, can probably get that in Rd 2 as I don’t see any DT/NT worth picking here..same with cb… pretty deep class. TE is another need
    So… I would like to see them trade down, get an OT like Koundijou? or the FSU kid.. or get the DT from Minn… go after the other in rd two that they didn’t get in rd 1. Hopefully pick up a 3rd by moving down and get a cb there… later get a TE (O’leary maybe) and wr help…

    • Derick L Young

      So then steelrs have AB Wheaton And Derek moye as WR…. Watkins we be great but doubt he lasts until pick 15. Steelers depot can keep u better informed.

  • chas territo

    Byrd will sign his contract!! So a Safety will not be needed or picked first!! Know the Bills before you make a pick for us. GO BILLS!!

    • Thomas Eric

      How is it certain he will sign? He wants to be highest paid in the league u think the bills will still pay him money like that after the way he acted and his now feet issues?

      • chas territo

        YES I DO! He will sign with the Bills because he loves the team and his team mates. Also dummy, he loves playing in Pettine’s defense. Since you don’t know much about the Bills front office they hold no grudges against any players, ever. GO BILLS!!

        • Dart Vade

          hey chad no one knows about Buffalo football or the actual town except those unfortunate enough to live there and unable to leave. Its Buffalo man, no one cares

          • chas territo

            Firsrt off the name is CHAS, dimwit. 2nd, we are very forunate to live n Buffalo,N.y>! The nations best kept secret. You know nothing a bout Buffalo! So,STFU with yous lack of respect and knowledge about a great city like Buffalo, dimwit. GO BILLS!!

          • chas territo

            I was so pissed off replying to you and your foolish comment. Here is what I meant to say to you.

            First off the name is CHAS, dimwit. 2nd, we are very fortunate to live n
            Buffalo,N.Y.! The nations best kept secret. You know nothing a bout
            Buffalo! So,STFU with your lack of respect and knowledge about a great
            city like Buffalo, dimwit. GO BILLS!!

    • John

      IF they do sign Byrd they still need to draft a backup because he won’t sign a long term IF he would sign.

      • chas territo

        You know this how? Are you privy to inside info? Are you that fly on the wall over hearing him and his agent talking? I think not. Be a little more responsible when you post, rumours and innuendo don’t belong here. Byrd will sign a contract IF both parties agree on a fair and favorable contract. GO BILLS!!

        • VikingAnswer

          Same could be asked of you with your guarantee Byrd will re-sign.

          • chas territo

            This is my reply to your q? It’s a copy and paste from below to another person.

            He will sign with the Bills because he loves the team and his team
            mates. Also dummy, he loves playing in Pettine’s defense. Since you
            don’t know much about the Bills front office they hold no grudges
            against any players, ever. GO BILLS!!

          • Derick L Young

            Well I’m convinced…………..

        • John

          So Byrd still in Buffalo? I told you so. Rumers? Innuendoes? I picked them so eat your words.

  • Captn

    The Jags will NOT draft Bortles over Clowney! This mock draft is a joke!

    • Nick Flack

      if he’s there…i totally agree!

  • GeorgiaRed

    I could see the Browns taking a WR with their #1(Sammy Watkins) and then targeting a QB with their second 1st rounder or maybe even their 2nd rounder(Fales, McCarron, or possibly Boyd). A receiving combo of Gordon, Watkins, & Cameron should make any decent QB look good. I’m not sold on Carr and after that disasterous display vs. USC I’m not sure a lot of NFL personnel would be either. Haven’t seen enough of Bortles to really comment. Roby(I love my Bucks) is NOT a 1st round talent. He was down right ugly this year.

    • mutantbeast

      Remember another Ohio St product, Carlos Hyde. Id like to see Watkins/Hyde as Browns 1st round picks, Go for top CB in 2nd. Fill in the holes on the O line thru FA, Browns definitely need 2 guards and try to re-sign Mack , otherwise they also need a C. Right now, Thomas is the only bona fide NFL player on there O line.

  • Nick Flack

    i hate to turn this whole thing on its head but…
    the texans aint taking a qb.
    they will either take Barr (if they stay 3-4) or Clowney (if they go 4-3).
    any variance to the above will still revolve around the DE position and the system chosen by the new head coach.
    if you are hoping to land a qb for your team, smile cause the texans aint taking one.

  • Keetoosya

    And Donald out of Pitt who won EVERY single award for a defensive player isn’t anywhere to be found in the 1st round? I think you better redo your selections.

  • victorbarney

    Go Tampa Bay! Things are sounding G-R-E-A-T!

  • chance

    I hope the Vikings are smart enough to pass on Johnny Football because he’s going to end up like a Tim Tebow/ Micheal Vick product and that’s not what the Vikings need, they need a pocket passer that can stretch the field so AD can run wild. If Carr isn’t there in the first I say you trade back and pick up a CB like Justin Gilbert to pair up with Xavier Rhodes or a LB like Mosely or Mack or a NT like Nix III and then get a QB in the 2nd round and have them play behind Cassel or whoever the QB is left on the roster after the season.

    • Glen Broemer

      carr does get rid of the ball quickly though his passes are not accurate, receivers stretching every which way to catch the ball. as they’re running timing patterns it isn’t clear he can find the open receiver either, though few rookie qbs can anyway. freeman is probably a better qb, ponder has better form and is a better qb; it was only a year and a half ago that the vikings’ offense was in rhythm and won 5 in a row. no really good qbs in this draft, and they could really use a linebacker, corner, and a great tackle would give them a great running game to go with really good receivers. draft the best player.

    • Harry Langdof

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  • CAM

    yeah let manziel keep dropping away from those terrible teams…

  • Brian Dobbs

    So the vikings are drafting Manziel ..and Mariota will fall to us…even though he is not in the draft….its almost like they just cut and past names in. I would have been happy if we got Mariota…if we take Manziel I think the vikes are going to suck for years to come. He will be a back up in 2-3 years.

  • Wes

    Since the Texans most glaring need, for the past 2 years, has been the absolutely horrific play of the Offensive line, why sure, it certainly makes sense to spend the #1 pick on a quarterback, who will, under the given circumstances, spend his first few years, running around the field, trying to get away from the defense, which will just continue chasing him down, and tackling him thus getting him injured!
    So, yeah, that makes TOTAL sense to draft a quarterback, at #1, at this point in time! (NOT!)
    We fans in Houston, have, since the time of the Oilers, Had some GREAT quarterbacks, and some who, given proper protection COULD have been great, Warren Moon, Dan Pastorini, etc, etc, but we ALSO remember David Carr, who was SUPPOSED to be a GREAT qb, but he had NO O Line blocking for him! Why in the world would we EVER want to see THAT again? Pastorini was a GREAT qb, coming out of college, but had NO O LINE blocking for him in his first few years. SUre, he led the Luv Ya Blue teams, for several years, BUT that was AFTER he had been injured so much that he was a mere shell of the brash young man coming out of college, Carr, Might have had a chance at becoming a good QB in the NFl, but then, again, he had NO OL blocking for him so he became skittish, and could never overcome that!
    So WHY in heavens name, would the Texans waste a #1 pick on another unproven QB, when their main NEED is an OL who can become a stud? Simply, the name of Matthews, whos father was, along with Mike Munchak, a HALL of FAME OL, should send shivers up the spine of ANY NFL fan in Houston! Give him a chance, he can not be any worse than the ones that we have now!!!

    • Benjamin F. Barnes Sr.

      offensive lineman can be found further down in the draft except possibly LT. Detroit got a good starting G in the third rd. and a good LT undrafted.

    • Carlos

      Texans won’t pick Bridgewater #1.

  • Nick Garren

    bears select 14th..and no domer goes in the 1st. where did you get these rankings?? bear wont take anyone from ND’s porous defense.

  • Benjamin F. Barnes Sr.

    I see the lions take WR. They have some CBs already that need to be healthy. Maybe later rounds but they need at least 1 probably two WRS.

  • G-Rod

    Steelers drafted that WR in 2013. Wheaton is ready to step in and be a stud. They need secondary help too badly to take a WR in Round 1.

    • Derick L Young

      WR’s for the steelrs as of now. AB, Wheaton, and Derek Moye. WR is a big need for steelrs.

  • buckbamboo

    The Eagles need a safety very badly. I’m hoping Clinton Dix is still available. They could also use another good Defensive End. Sam Cunningham from LSU would fit right in.

  • BWS1066

    Bridgewater isn’t a QB of the future! trade the pick or get Clowney

  • John

    I think it’s funny how these writers think Seattle is picking at 32. I wouldn’t count on it.

  • John

    The Texans should look to trade down to 4 or 5 and pick up someones late 1st round pick. This way they could possibly draft Clowney and come back later and get a good qb. Picking a qb with the 1st pick is a risk. Bridgewater played against terrible teams this year. They lost to UCF which was the best they played against. There are other qb’s later in the draft. I wouldn’t pass on Clowney.

    • Derick L Young

      Easier said than done trading that pick away

  • iceman4

    Clowney for two years has been living off of his reputation and the hit in the Michigan game. He’s had one sack in the last seven games and avg. 3.5 tackles a game. not exactly life changing.

    Teams also began running right at him and in two games even the announcers noticed it. he’s also a headache off the field.

    • Derick L Young

      My guess is he is trying to stay healthy

  • Oldbear60

    Vike’s have many needs, Manziel isn’t going to help them. DE, DT, OG, OT, LB, WR, all before Johnny football. and AP is wearing out. Think it through and build for the future.

  • Benjamin F. Barnes Sr.

    I don’t think the draft order is correct. That could change things.

  • VikingAnswer

    And if thats the pick for the Vikings, my tickets will not be renewed because they apparently do not want to win.

    • Mark Gilbert

      i agree 100 percent…they have not yet figured out that if we can stop the other team from scoring 28=30 points against us we can actually win games …defense is what the Vikes need to concentrate on especially CB… LBs and Dl then OL and then QB unless they can get that one guy who will be the franchise QB for the future,,, I dont see it in this draft..not yet anyway at QB…. next year could be a huge year for the QB position,,, Mariota when healthy is as good as anyone in college football…speed and a cannon of an arm,, he throws from the pocket he just needs more work since the Oregon offense doesnt just sit back a let him bomb away not with the RBs and speed they have,,,

  • Tony Ploog

    Sorry but your draft order is wrong. Arizona is 20th, not Miami

  • Nick Jubara

    The Browns HAVE to chose a wide receiver. Hoyer has proved to be a quick release and accurate QB, perfect for Cleveland’s less-than-perfect line. Baker will be a RB that is good enough to compare to Jamal Lewis. They have Gordon and Cameron for threats. Bess and Little can’t catch to save their lives. If they get another wide receiver, a tall receiver, it will be hard for any team to stop this. Their defense can stand up to any team.

  • Mark

    First of all you guys need to get your drafting order straight. The Browns pick 4th and the Raiders 5th, not visa versa. They would never select a QB like Carr instead of Bortles, Watkins at WR, Clowney at DE, Matthews at OT, or Carlos Hyde at RB with the first pick, when they can get AJ McCarran with the 2nd first round pick or later if Bortles is not available. I wouldn’t subscribe to this because it is a mock of team draft choices.

  • JR

    what a waste of a 22nd first round pick…I hope u are wrong josh sanchez..

    • JR

      we need defensive players atleast in the first 3 rounds If not then the first 4

  • Jon Bokar

    The Browns pick 4th not 5th, I am going to stop reading since I can’t trust anything in here if you can’t even get the order right.

  • jake preston

    the cardinals are picking at 20 not 25.

  • bsh

    I think the Texans should trade with the with the Browns since they are willing to trade up for Manziel and then the Browns shall get Manziel and with the fifth pick in the draft the Texans will get either Bortles, Bridgewater, or Carr plus the Texans will have a franchise Quarterback and a extra draft pick or something.

  • Brucew56

    Who cares what a bunch of HGH, pampered, college non-student dropouts do? Abolish college sports and make colleges institutions of learning. Make the NFL and NBA hire the poor boys and put them in semi-pro leagues until they are needed for the bigs. Then, they can be paid, like they want. And unionize, too.

  • Remy

    If Carr is taken by the Browns, his career might be over before it started.

  • Marty

    To the author:
    No one in Jacksonville cares that Blake Bortles is from the state of Florida. He plays down in Orlando, which might as well be a million miles away from Jacksonville. No one in Jacksonville follows UCF football. UCF is in ORLANDO.