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Hanley Ramirez shows off new hairstyle

On a day when the Los Angeles Dodgers made a couple sound but unspectacular moves to fortify their bullpen, signing RHP Chris Perez and RHP Jamey Wright, their shortstop also made news with a new hair style. Let’s just say that, unlike those transactions, his hair is spectacular but maybe not such a sound decision.

The following picture comes via Hanley’s Instagram account:

Hanley graced that picture with the following caption: “New look #jajajjajajajaja”

Ja ja ja ja ja indeed, my friend.

As far as appearance is concerned, Ramirez tends to be known more for his headgear than the hair underneath it. For almost his entire career he has proudly carried on the tradition of having a big, dirty blotch of pine tar on his helmet. But if he puts this kind of salad on display, well, we might be having a totally different conversation. We might notice that kind of hair ahead of his helmet or his ability to mash baseballs in the middle of the lineup for a team that will enter 2014 as World Series favorites.

Of course, if the Dodgers fulfill that potential, we will get to see a lot of them in the national spotlight. Which will mean we get to see a lot of Hanley Ramirez. And his hair. Lucky us.

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