Miami Dolphins playoff scenarios 2013: How Dolphins clinch postseason berth

The Miami Dolphins failed to show up on Sunday afternoon against the Buffalo Bils, as they got shut out by a score of 19-0. However, thanks to a number of teams around the AFC suffering losses, the Dolphins hopes of reaching the postseason stay alive.

In order of the Dolphins to make the playoffs, they will need to have plenty of help. But first they will need to take care of business against the New York Jets in Week 17.

Here is how the Dolphins can clinch the No. 6 seed in the AFC Wild Card race:

  1. Miami Dolphins win over New York Jets in Week 17 + Baltimore Ravens loss to Cincinnati Bengals.
  2. Miami Dolphins win over New York Jets in Week 17 + San Diego Chargers win over Kansas City Chiefs – win two way tiebreaker with San Diego based on head-to-head win.

Do you think the Dolphins will be able to reach the postseason? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and predictions.

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  • Bill Stowers

    Do just one of those things have to happen or both?

    • Johnny

      Look above

      • ikethemangla13

        Well how does all 3 winning put Miami in and all 3 losing put Miami out? Essentially they all lose to a divisional opponent and all 3 would still have the same record and the 3wat tie break would still eliminate the head to head wins!?

  • Johnny

    Just one has to happen to get in the playoffs…. Just to make it easier it’s:::

    MIAMI MUST WIN!!! Then a Ravens lost OR a Chargers win….
    (the main word in that sentence is OR.)

    So even if the Ravens win and Chargers win… Phins make playoffs…
    If Ravens lose… We are in playoffs…

    Main thing is a DOLPHIN WIN!!!

    • Christopher Strickland

      I had no Idea when we lost and the annoucer said that San Diego had to win and Baltimore had to lose to keep us alive what he meant. Now I do. Because the last 4 weeks we have been told that we have to finish better than Baltimore because of the head to head. They never once said that We could tie them in records as long as San Diego ties us as well. So its so amazing, because I dont think Cincinnati will show up, and Kansas City I dont think is as good as everyone thinks.

  • chas territo

    MIAMI, the terribly over rated and mediocre team, is that who your writing about?? MY Bills(notice 2 ells?), beat them handily! WHY? Because they are not a good representative team for this years play offs!We swept them like trash, gathered in piles and thrown out in the trash! This year the Bills made 2 QB’s less than average, twice! Geno Smith and Ryan Tannehill, both made to be less than mediocre, just relegated them to the trash heap of the NFL! Play offs? Better chance at winning the Mega Million lottery than the play offs!?!? GO BILLS!!

    • Christopher Strickland

      Please everyone gets lucky. Bills have talent, but they are the ones going home, while THE DOLPHINS AND THE PATS OF THE EAST play on. The Bills are the stepchild of the East.

  • Daniel

    what happens if all three of the teams loose?? Miami’s in right?

    • Christopher Strickland

      Nope. If Miami, Baltimore, and San Diego lose, Baltimore is in based on Tie Breaks, UNLESS Pitsburgh wins then they would be in. WE CAN ONLY get in WITH A WIN And Either a San Diego Win, or Baltimore Loss. Our road is easier than everyone elses.

  • Christopher Strickland

    Wow after that goose egg, I was really sad. I was so pumped last week for the first time since 2008 and that Magical season. I was talking up my Dolphins, and to be honest Knew that we would lose to Buffalo. I knew it was a trap game. They beat us once already with Thad Lewis, and did it again. So I was thinking, well its over like that. We had the control and we lost it. THEN the cards fell right. New England crushed Baltimore and San Diego did their job. I had no idea that San Diego could help us. I was afraid that they could hurt us. Until I looked over the scenarios and remembered we beat San Diego. And the common games are in our favors for tiebreaks. So ALL WE have to do is WIN. which will be hard since this is proabably Rex Ryans last game. And he wants to go out a winner. But I like our odds. We were given 2 gifts after that loss and no way we will lay 2 eggs in a row. I Predict that We get in With a Win and a Surprise San Diego upset over the Chiefs. And it wont matter what Baltimore does. I dont think Cincinnati will show up Sunday. So San Diego better win. And then it looks like we will have a road game in the Wildcard against Either The Bengals or Colts and guess what WE BEAT BOTH OF THEM THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!