Johnny Depp as Dr. Will Caster in the film "Transcendence." Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

‘Transcendence’ New Trailer Released for the Sci-Fi Thriller (Video)

After releasing two teaser trailers, the people at Warner Bros. have finally given us our first full length look at the upcoming sci-fi thriller Transcendence.

Transcendence stars Johnny Depp as Dr. Will Caster, an artificial intelligence researcher who seeks to create a sentient machine with a full range of human emotion, and an analytical power greater than every person in the history of the world. At one point, he even comes close to realizing his goal.

However, when a member of an extremist group known as Rift attacks Caster, shooting him with a bullet laced with radiation poisoning, Caster’s body begins to die.

His wife, who is also his played by Iron Man 3’s Rebecca Hall, and his best friend Max, played by Paul Bettany, discuss the option of uploading his consciousness into the technology. This is something that Max is very skeptical of; however, as Will’s condition worsens, they go against their better judgment and move forward with it.

Unfortunately, all of their fears start to become reality when Will’s quest for knowledge quickly becomes a search for greater power. No one knows how far this search for power will go. The worst part of the entire ordeal is that it is becoming increasingly obvious that there may indeed be no way to stop it.

Here is a look at the full length trailer for the upcoming film Transcendence.


Transcendence is scheduled to be released in both IMAX and Conventional theaters on April 18, 2014.

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