Apr 26, 2013; Newark, NJ, USA; Joe Rogan addresses the crowd at the start of the UFC 159 weigh-ins at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Rogan says he would have signed Ben Askren

UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, is one of the most beloved people inside the promotion. The UFC pay per views are synonymous with Rogan’s quips, excitement, and technique explanation. Many believe he is the best commentator in all of MMA. Rogan rarely opposes the UFC brass, and specifically Dana White, but today he had an interesting comment about Ben Askren.

A fan asked Joe his opinion on Ben Askren, and if the UFC should have signed him:

Evidently, Joe Rogan believes that Askren is one of the best Welterweights in the world, and should be competing inside the Octagon. At this point, however, it is very unlikely we’ll ever see Asken inside the UFC. Especially after his comments yesterday regarding Dana White as a ‘bald-headed fat man’.

Askren is currently signed with Asian promotion, One FC, and will be making his debut in 2014. The most likely matchup at this point is with former UFC fighter, Phil Baroni.

UPDATE: Rogan continued his thoughts on Askren with this tweet:

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  • Peter Banh

    UFC is the biggest MMA company, but it doesn’t guaranteed the biggest paycheck. Bibiano Fernandes is a good example. ONE FC offered Bibiano Fernandes a lot more than UFC did and he signed with ONE FC and he is their current Bantamweight Champion. UFC offered him $15k/$15k for show/win while ONE FC offered him $60k/$60k for show/win. People with the right mind would take the 4 times bigger paycheck. At the end of the day, money is what matter most, not pride or legacy. Fighters need to make the most money they can so they can save up for the future as career of a fighter is short and you need the money to survive. It’s good for Ben Askren that he ink a big deal in ONE FC.

  • safdsfdsfdsfdsf

    “One of the best 170lb fighters on Earth” – I was quite bitter (and angry at Dana White) for not making an offer to Askren, and the BS explanations for why just enraged me more. But reading Joe Rogan’s shining endorsement (and Rogan is one of my favorite people) went some way to assuage my irritation and dismay.

  • Gregory C Diaz

    At the end of the day… This may be one of the worst business decisions Dana White may have made. In a market he desires, he’s just allowed a fairly big name fighter to pave the path for others to follow. He may now have to buy the whole damn promotion out in 5 years. Lol

  • JP123

    people just moaning for the sake of moaning, people going on like its the worlds biggest injustice. half the people moaning probably not even fans of ben askren and probably the ones saying hes boring, didn’t hear people talking about askrens fights and how awesome they are, but now hes not signing with the ufc everyones suddenly HUGE ben askren fans and finding an oppurtunity to moan at the ufc.

    • Ol’ Rooter

      It would seem like that if Dana wasn’t out spewing that the best fighters in the world are in the UFC. The UFC has 80+ welterweights on contract. According to Dana, those are the 80 best welterweights in the world. Even though I’m sure you don’t believe Askren is a top ten welterweight, you have to agree that he’s a top 80 welterweight, and by that standard given by the lord Dana himself, Askren should be in the UFC.

      That’s why fans and non-fans of Askren are a little miffed.

      • JP123

        i agree he should be in the UFC but people saying this one of worst business decisions and people constantly saying but ben askren didn’t get signed every time ufc sign someone else. Come on get over it and stop going on like you care that much.

        • Ol’ Rooter

          I care as much about is as you do, since you took the time out of your precious day to write about it.