Is Walmart closed on Christmas Day 2013?


If you are sitting at home and wondering where you can go to get some batteries or pick up some new gadgets with the gift cards and money that you may have received for the holidays, you will be sad to learn that Walmart and many other shops around the country will not be opening their doors on Christmas Day.

Unfortunately, Walmart is not the only store that will be closed on Christmas Day as everyone kicks back and enjoys the holiday.

Here is a list of the other notable stores that will be closed on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day, Dec. 25 Store Hours

  • Best Buy: Closed
  • IKEA: Closed
  • Kmart: Closed
  • Macy’s: Closed
  • Marshalls: Closed
  • Michaels: Closed
  • Target: Closed
  • Toys-R-Us and Babies-R-Us: Closed
  • Walmart: Closed

Luckily, there are a number of stores that will be opening up bright and early on Thursday to give you the opportunity to spend all of the money on your new gift cards that you received.

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