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Dad gets son, Auburn fan, BCS National Championship tickets for Christmas (Video)

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Christmas has come and gone, some of us had to pretend to like gifts we received and some got thrilling and exciting gifts. One of those lucky gift recipients is Conner.

His father gave him a gift in a box about the size of a shoe box. He unwraps it and starts pulling out the tissue paper and he stumbles upon a rose. He digs deeper to find the shiny tickets for the BCS National Championship game between the Auburn Tigers and Florida State Seminoles. The rose of course is because the game is being played in the Rose Bowl.

Conner and his father are big Auburn fans who live in Deatsville, Alabama. They told FanSided that they’d be driving 31 hours to the game. Nothing is better than a road trip with your father, especially to a game like this.

It is an incredibly cool gift, and what might be the best heart of this video is Conner’s reaction. He didn’t respond by flipping out, screaming, or jumping around in joy, simply just hugged his father. At one point his father pulls away while Conner still clings to him, an endearing and heartwarming moment.

Then from off-camera you hear Conner’s brother Owen say “It’s football! So manly guys!” That’s right, there is no crying in baseball football!

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