Jan 3, 2013; Fort Lauderdale FL, USA; Detail view of the BCS logo during a press conference for the 2013 BCS National Championship game at Harbor Beach Marriott Resort

Fan pranked with fake BCS National Championship tickets on Christmas (Video)

We’ve seen a lot of fans receive BCS National Championship tickets as gifts on Christmas morning. On the other side of that is families and friends playing cruel pranks by giving them fake tickets.

Like this guy below, in a very poorly shot video. Somehow they managed to not record it vertically, which is a big plus and common cellphone error. For some reason he posted the video on its side though.

I’m not sure which team this guy is a fan of but he is really excited to get the tickets, though he is suspicious right off the bat. He also says “I’m going back stage, that’s where I’m going.”

There isn’t really a “back stage” at a football game cause there is no “stage.”

Warning: The video is laced with a bit of cursing.

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